Sunday , 24 June 2018

Complete furniture for the whole house BLACK GREY LINE

This set has furniture for whole house: living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with dining room. All rooms have build-in sit poses, sex and cuddle animations, and scripted light. All furniture is modify so you can adjust for your place. This is low prims furniture, 208 prims for all home.

Bedroom My Passion
This bedroom has bed with 100 sex/cuddle animations and 6 lay animations. Armchair and ottoman has 10 different sit animations

Sex Bathroom Omega
Bathroom has Bathtub with 50 sex/cuddle animations, 2 shower animations and bath animations. Touch the tap and shower for on/off water. Touch the water for on/off steam. Sink has wash hands and wash face animations. Touch the tap for on/off water.Mirror has 2 animations. Toilet has animation also. You can open/close lids.

Sex Living Room Tara
Living room set has 24 sit poses for 9 persons, 2 lay poses and 100 sex and cuddle animations.

Kitchen and dining room Future
This set has sex and food menus. Sex menu has 100 animations. Every chair has 8 sit animations ( 2 eat animations). For food menu click on the placemats ( food rezzing system). You can choose between 8 meals. You can open/close fridge,microwave and upper part kitchen. Sink has dish washing animations.

Set contains:
– Bedroom My Passion – 43 prims
– Sex Bathroom Omega – 42 prims
– Sex Living Room Tara – 57 prims
– Kitchen and dining room Future – 66 prims
Total prims: 208
Copy √Modify √Transfer
No Mesh
L$ 900
Use It Now
This item will be delivered directly to you or a friend in Second Life, unpacked and ready to use. No land or sandbox required.

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