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Customer Service


For failed deliveries contact Jasmina Weezles in the world or send an e-mail to

This could be for several reasons. Mainly, network lag, not enough prims on the land or no build rights. Sometimes an item could be missing from the database. Please visit Second Life’s blog to check the current status of the grid.

No refunds or returns on any copy/not transfer product, please make sure you are satisfied with a product before purchase.

Refunds only in case of double purchases.

We’re sorry, but we’re not available for custom work or commissions at this time – this includes landscaping, modding products, and interior design.

All designs are only sold as they are in the store.

Suggestions for new products  are always welcome!

All designs have mod/copy/no transfer permissions, except for the content like animations and scripts inside.

That means you can modify everything about Furniture 011.

Make a copy before you begin editing.

All designs are only sold as they are in the store. We do not sell parts of our item separately.

We do not sell textures, animations, scrips or mesh products separately.


Read the manual first. If that does not solve your problem delete the furniture you have out and replace it with a new version of your inventory.

Debugging your LOD settings.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Show the “Advanced” menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac.

2. Select “debug settings” near the bottom.

3. In the blank space, copy and paste the word:


4. In the box below, set the number. The recommended setting is as high as 4 to have all your mesh looking as the creator intended.

I have RenderVolumeLODFactor 8.

Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will NOT create lag for yourself or those around you!  And it will improve the look of all meshes.

If that does not solve your problem clear cache.

Open your preferences by clicking ctrl + P, go to the “Advanced” tab and click “Clear Cache”. Then relog.

This is a bug that happens with no balls furniture when multiple sitters are placed in one prim.

The way to avoid this error it is to add additional prims containing an extra script, “SitTarget-Add”.

All Furniture 011 furniture has this second script except for some older items. If you need it, please contact Jasmina Weezles.

You can read in the house instruction notecard how much rezz box has to be placed above the land for some house.

Mesh houses need more time for first rezz (2-3 minutes). Even if you see a mess, during the first rezz, stuff will come to the right position.

Don’t save or store the house if you are not satisfied with the position of the house. Better make rezz box 100% transparent and phantom till you are sure that this is final position. After save or store, house cant be derezzed. It’s mean you have to delete everything for new rezz.

If you want to move the house, move the rezz box.

IF the house is still not rezzed well, it’s mean that probably you have not enough prims. You can delete some stuff from rezz box.Rename this rezz box.  House is a copy so you have an original rezz box in your inventory.



To be able to use the elevator  you have to restart elevator script first

The elevator must be in a start position, on 0 floor.

A.  After  you`ve rezzed  the house

B.  After  you`ve  moved the house

After resetting the script the elevator is ready to use

How to reset elevator script?

Right-click on the elevator

Go to edit


Double click on the elevator script

Click reset in the new window on your screen.

Media must be ON

Address bar – window on your screen above the TV

# Address bar: Navigate to any URL by typing it into this bar.

# Back and forward buttons: Cycle through previously visited pages.

# Home button: Returns the media to this object’s home URL.

# Refresh/stop button: Reloads the current page or stops the loading of a page that is in progress.

# Magnifying glass/right arrow button: The magnifying glass automatically positions your camera in front of the media, then changes to the right arrow button, which returns your camera view to your avatar.

# Window button: Opens the current URL in an external web browser.

To show a Youtube video full screen paste the youtube link in the adress bar


See where it says “watch”? Change that to “watch_popup” so the result is:

And now your video shows full screen.

In most circumstances, the receiver must be owned by the owner of the parcel.  For use on group owned land, the receiver must be deeded to the group and group members must have the group tag activated to be able to use it.

Touch the radio to activate the menu, select ‘radio’ and then select the station you would like to listen to.

You can add more radio stations in a notecard.

If some of the radio stations dont work, you can pick up (free) new note card with 50 working radios stations here:

Replace the notecard inside the radio with this updated notecard.

Press “reset” from the menu.


You can control all out doors (lock and unlock), outdoor an lobby (in some houses) lights – on, dim, romantic, off, radio (must be deeded ), windows (in some houses) and home security.

Home securiry:

This home security system can be used to protect your land or just to track visitors to your land or shop, and/or to IM you when someone enter your house/shop.

Can be configured to send IM when a new avatar is detected and to store in a list, or just to store visitors in a list.

To use Eject function on group land or rented land the ORB MUST BE DEED to the group who own the land. ORB is located above the stairs. If you make the ORB invisible, to find again press: CTRL+ALT+T and you will see the ORB as a transparent red ORB.

Users will be warned and eject.

Easy to operate, easy to install, is menu controlled.

Scan distance can be setup from 0 to 96m.

Can be operate by the owner or you can specify a list of users who can operate the ORB.

To add avatars to whitelist just edit the ORB and open included whitelist notecard.

To add avatars to admin list edit the ORB and open included owners notecard.

After you edit one or both of these notecards, you must press RESET to re-read the new configuration

You don’t need to deed the Security and House Control to the land group on rented lands. For this system to work you must deed only the Security relay to the land group and keep the Security relay at maximum 20m away from Housecontrol Panel.

You can add anytime names to the notecards via chat commands, but keep in mind that if you add named to the whitelist or owners notecards, when you rezz again the ORB or if you press RESET, in these lists will remain only names from the notecards !! This option is usefull is the ORB is deed to the land group because you can’t edit the notecards until you return the ORB to you.

To add names to the whitelist, say the name of the avatar in channel 9988 like this:

/9988 Manu Beltis

To add names to the admin list (owners), say the name of the avatar in channel 9989 like this:

/9989 Manu Beltis

To remove names from whitelist say the name of the avatar in channel 8888 like this:

/8888 Manu Beltis To remove names from admin (owners) list say the name of the avatar in channel 8889 like this:

/8889 Manu Beltis

ATTENTION You have to write USER NAMES, not SL names.

All named on the notecards are case sensitive, meaning Manu Beltis is not the same name as manu beltis.

To be able to add or delete names from the lists, you must have the name in owners notecard or you must be the owner of the ORB.

ORB menus:

visits – show visitors list

im on – set notifications by IM to on

im off – set notifications by IM to off

Empty list – delete visitors list

status –  show Security Orb actual settings

Range+10 – increase detection range with 10m

Range -10 -decrease detection range with 10m

Timer xx seconds – intruders will be warned and ejected after xx seconds

hide orb – hide security orb

show orb – show security orb

Eject ON – users not on whitelist will be ejected

Eject OFF – visitors will be just registered

Group ON – users wearing the same group as the orb group and users in the whitelist will not be ejected

Group OFF – only users on whitelist will be allowed if EJECT is set to ON

Show Whitelist –  display users on the whitelist

Show Admins – show users who can operate the orbs

reset – reset the orb to default values *** Atention: this will delete all names not in the notecards !!!

ATTENTION You have to write USER NAMES not SL names. All named on the notecards ARE case sensitive, meaning Manu Beltis is not the same name as manu beltis.

Customer Service   Troubleshooting Read the manual first. If that does not solve your problem delete the furniture you have out and replace it with a new version of your inventory.

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