Swimming pool Lido

☛Adult – 475 animations (335 different)

☛PG – 315 animations (220 different)

Elegant, highly animated, and detailed swimming pool for 20 persons (4 swimmers).

Footprint – 18 x 18 m

The pool is in the rezz box, so is easy to set up.
Can be placed in the ground (needs a hole in the ground, or on the ground (has extra stairs).
Pool lights control, fire pit on/off, rezz/derezz bar accessories.


– The pool;
68 single animations for 4 swimmers
84 cuddle animations for 2 couples
100 sex animations for 2 couples

– Inner tubes:
8 animations each

– Outdoor sofa:
50 single animations for 5 persons
42 cuddle animations for 1 couple
58 sex animations for 1 couple

– Loungers:
14 animations each

– Recliners:
14 animations each

– Outdoor chairs:
10 animations each

– Bar chairs:
14 animations each

All animations are Bento and carefully selected in Avsitter 2 with adjusting and swapping functions, and automatic attachments props.

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PERMISSION: Copy, Modify
Mesh: 100% mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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