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Loungers Pandora – 30 animations

Each lounger has 18 single animations and 12 couple animations. Animations are in Avsitter 2 with adjust and swap functions, support for auto-seat and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender. If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. See item in Second Life SET CONTAINS: – Lounger ... Read More »

Unfurnished House Colossus

Modern big unfurnished house has 8 rooms : 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big space for the kitchen, dining room and living room, plus two rooms extra space, pool, fountains, stairs, home control, 2 benches, loungers, plants… footprint – 64 x 65 m Pool has 22 pool animations Each inner tube 3 animations Loungers have 16 animations Bench 1 – 10 ... Read More »

Swimming Pool Santana – 200 animations

Elegant, animated and highly detailed swimming pool for 19 persons. Footprint – 33 x 22 m Animations: Pool – 50 animations for 4 persons – 32 couple Sofa – 94 animations – 20 single, 32 cuddle, 20 foreplay, 32 sex animations Bar stools – 10 animations Swimming mattress – 8 animations Loungers – male and female – 16 animations Recliner ... Read More »

Unfurnished Villa Everest – mesh

Modern big unfurnished house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room space, kitchen and dining room space, outdoor pool, 4 loungers, outdoor plants, home control. 100% mesh – 100% modify Footprint with platform – 44 x 50 m House without platform – 30,5 x 35, 2 m The outdoor pool has 40 jumps, swim, pool, sunbathing single and cuddle high-quality ... Read More »

Loungers Everest

Elegant, highly animated and detailed outdoor set – white leather, chrome, glass. Suitable for beach, patio, garden, pool etc. 2 Loungers – Female and Male, 8 sunbathing/drink animations each Parasol Coffee table 2 Mojitos – props inside Magazine Tablet – works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. See item in Second life SET CONTAINS: Lounger – ... Read More »

Dock Adriatic [mesh]

This highly  detailed and elegant tropical set has 26 original and quality sunbath, sit, relax, chat,drink, laptop, put lotion animations for 6 person (2 on the loungers, 2 on the pillows, 2 on the dock stairs).Laptop is multifunctional. Screen works like any web browser (touchscreen). Keyboard: Send and receive real Email to people outside of SL.Visitor Tracker, set the range ... Read More »

Pergola Tropicana – 128 animations [mesh]

Highly detailed and elegant Garden Pergola with bed and loungers. The bed has 14 single lay animation, 32 cuddle animations, and 64 sex animations. Loungers have 10 different sit, relax, read, drink, use laptop animations.  Pillows have 8 different sit animations.  All animations are in Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust and swap functions.The laptop is ... Read More »

Dock Astrid [mesh]

This highly detailed and elegant tropical set has 50 original and quality sunbath, sit, relax, cuddle and kiss animations. Tablet works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. All parts are copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rezz. SET CONTAINS: – Bench – 12 prims ... Read More »

Full Furnished House Eden (1750 animations)

Turn your fantasies into reality with modern fully operational, functional and animated house. Modern big full furnished house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, swimming pool, bar table, piano, home theater, outdoor sets, open/close windows, blinds, and curtains, garden, jacuzzi, home control…     Footprint: 55 x 55 m 1228 sex/cuddle animations at 16 places . All animations are in ... Read More »

Loungers Grand Mirage

This set has loungers with 4 different relax animations (2 animations each). All parts are copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rez. Low prim.   SET CONTAINS: – 2 Loungers – 5 prims each – Sunshade – 2 prims TOTAL PRIMS: 12 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mash: No Mesh Price: L$ 115 ... Read More »

Loungers Annex

If you want to see all my items you have to log in and put general. moderate, adult level. Loungers have 4 different sit animations ( 2 animations each). You can open/close sunshade. Set is copy/modify. Low prim   SET CONTAINS: – 2 loungers – 4 prims each – coffee table – 2 prims – Sunshade – 3 prims TOTAL ... Read More »