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House Valhalla

Fully furnished, operational, functional, highly detailed, and animated house Vlhalla – luxury villa with swimming pool, 3 terraces, big roof terrace, living space, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big library, home theater, photo studio, walk-in closet jacuzzi, outdoor bar, 3000 animations

Footprint – 46 x 35 m

House control
– doors – lock/unlock
– windows – open, shade, close(tinted)
– security – visits, IM on/off, range, eject, group, admins, blacklist
– lights – on, off, dim, romantic
– radio – 15 station, you can add more

☛ Living Room Cascade – 296 animations
Upholstered, tufted grid leather sectional sofa with texture switcher. The sectional elements have a separate menu so can be used freely and apart from one another
Texture switcher: black leather, grey leather, nubuck white leather.
The modular coffee table has 3 pieces (linked) so can be displaced.

☛ Piano Valhalla – 24 songs,142 animations
Grand piano Valhalla is scripted to play 24 songs – 12 classical pieces (Beethoven, Vivaldi, Edvard Grieg…), and 12 modern piano version songs (Adele, U2, Queen, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ed Sheran …)
The piano is for a single pianist or for a couple.

☛ Kitchen Ruby – 164 animations, 110 props
Highly detailed, and animated kitchen with a bar for 6 people.
The kitchen has 2 parts (a kitchen with a bar and a kitchen island) with separate animation menus.
Breakfast menu
Auto open/close the fridge, freezer, oven, and microwave with animations. open/close by click.

☛ Dining Room Trigon – 180 animations
Modern dinner table with wine buffet
The table serves, rezz from a menu
– 3 types of centerpieces without food,
– Dinner for 6, dinner for 3, dinner for 2
– Breakfast/dessert for 6, for 3, for 2
– Wine tasting setup.
Each dinner plate has a menu-driven food rezzer that can be chosen between 10 meals (soup, mussel, beef, steak, salmon, turkey drumsticks, shrimp skewer, spring rolls, sushi, pasta).
Each dessert plate has a menu-driven food rezzer that can be chosen between 10 meals (profiterole, roll cake, jam toast, donuts, souffle, croissants, cookies, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, pancakes).

☛ Library IQ – 192 animations
Fully equipped library.
This bookcase contains a library script that will give 40 books in notecards that you can read. You can also add your own books. The titles in the menu are arranged in alphabetical order
The library contains 374 books with detailed book covers in 48 units, that each can be separately placed so you can rearrange your library.

☛ Desk IQ – 140 animations
Modern glass desk with a wooden drawer.
Multifunctional Laptop: screen – web browser, Keyboard – visitor tracker, avatar scanner, send and receive Email (to SL or RL).

☛ Bathroom Cube – 246 animations
Marble bathroom cabinet with double glass sink .
Bathtub – rezz the tub lounger, fill and drain the tub, hot and cold water.
Shower cabin – hot and cold water, water splashing on the floor.

☛ Bathroom Essenza – 250 animations
Hot and cold water in two shower heads, bathtub, and double sink.
Water splashing on the shower cabin floor.
Fill and drain the tub.

☛ Bar Happy Daze – 105 animations
A fully decorated, marble bar for 6 persons.

☛ Outdoor Theater Odeon – 150 animations
A home theater with a projector screen and laser projector is placed on the roof terrace.

☛ Photo Movie Studio Arc – 77 animations/poses
The photo panel has 42 single poses (21 female, 21 male) and 26 couple poses.
The backdrop has 24 background textures in a menu and you can add more (no limit). Just drag and drop them from your inventory into to content of backdrop prim.

☛ Jacuzzi Favola – 148 animations
A hot tub for 2 couples or 4 singles is also placed on the roof terrace.

☛ Outdoor set Solis- 200 animations
Elegant wooden iron outdoor set with an L sofa, love seat, 2 loungers, and table.

☛Bedroom Opposite – 190 animations
Crafted beautifully with a tall, wrap-around shelter silhouette, and accented hand tufts along the entire headboard, and footboard, the upholstered bed Opposite is placed in the master bedroom with a walk-in closet.

☛ Bedroom Golden Gate – 240 animations
A truly unique floating pallet bed in the overall design gives the impression of a “cool” bedroom.

☛ Bedroom Utopia – 228 animations
Upholstered bed with a queen headboard.
Wardrobe, 2 armchairs with a table.

☛ The pool has 39 single animations for 3 swimmers.
The swimming bed has 8 relax animations.

All sets of furniture have an adult context.

Land Impact – 1200
Needs up to 100 land impact more for rezzing all accessories.

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PERMISSION: Copy, Modify
Mesh: 100% mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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