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Romantic Table Magic [mesh]

Romantic, elegant and animated table for two. Set has a menu driven food rezzer where you can choose between 8 meals. Each chair has 12 male and female eating, drinking, chatting animations and romantic couple scene with smoothest, most realistic and high quality animations.All animations are in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and swap functions. Touch the plate ... Read More »

Living Room Flox – 145 animations [mesh]

Highly detailed and low prim Living room Flox contain: 25 multiple sitting/relaxing/drinking single animations for 6 persons, easily changed by seating position. 20 cuddle, 20 kiss and 80 sex amazing animations. Smaller sofa has cuddle, kiss animations, bigger sofa has sex menu.All animations are placed in AVsitter with menu control, adjust and swap functions. All parts are copy-mod, so make ... Read More »

Romantic Table Bristol

Romantic table with food menu (touch plates for rezzing meals) and 9 sit animations in each chairs (2 for eat). Touch napkin for cutlery, keep and wear for using. For glass wine touch the glass. Touch candle for on/off. Set is modify so you can adjust for your place. Everything is transfer except placetams.   SET CONTAINS: – Table – 3 ... Read More »