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Massage set Intimo – 113 animations

This low prim, high detailed, realistic animated massage set is the perfect addition to your home, to help you and your special someone relax and get romantic. Table: 28 massage animations, 20 cuddle animations, 14 kiss animations, 48 sex animations Av sitter menu driven (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust and swap functions. Sink 3 animations Some animations come ... Read More »

Bedroom Impulse Plus – 188 animations

Elegant, functional and fully decorated bedroom – 100% mesh. The bed has 110 high-quality animations: 14 single animations for 2 persons 32 cuddle/kiss animations 64 sex animations Armchair has 78 animations: Single animations – 16 – 8 female, 8 male Cuddle animations – 20 Sex animations – 42 All animations are in Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu ... Read More »

Full Furnished Villa Everest – 1650 animations

Modern big full furnished house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, bar, office, outdoor pool, 4 outdoor sets, billiards, piano, home theater, gym. home control. 100% mesh – 100% modify All animations are high quality in Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust and swap functions. Footprint with platform – 44 x 50 ... Read More »

Bedroom Castor – Adult – 150 animations

Bedroom Castor includes: Sex bed 2 Night tables with book 2 Lamps Vase Wireless phone 2 Frames Cactus Rug The bed has 148 smooth, exciting and high-quality animations, made from the best SL animators. 10 sleep animations 20 cuddle animations 20 kiss animations 96 sex animations (32 foreplay) All animations are in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and ... Read More »

Bedroom Disturbia

Contemporary bedroom Disturbia includes: – Modern bed – upholstered leather surmounts the headboard and bed frame, 4 bed cushions, 2 bed covers. – Big wardrobe, with glass doors and lights. – 2 Side tables with table lamps. – Shelf table with accessories. – Rug – 6 modern baked textures – texture switcher. Bed Disturbia offers 166 smooth, exciting and high-quality ... Read More »

Sex Billiards Mason – 130 animations

Billiards set – 100% mesh – copy modify. Texture switcher menu for billiard cloth – see “watch it in action” to see the colors. 14 chat animations 22 lap dance animations 20 cuddle animations 26 foreplay animations 48 sex animations This billiards is not playable. See item in Second Life SET CONTAINS: Pool table – Land Impact – 13 Billiard ... Read More »

Complete furniture for the whole house White Moon line – 706 animations

This set has furniture for the whole house: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. All rooms have high-quality animations. Total 706 animations. All furniture is 100% mesh and copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rezz. Living Room Babylon ——————————- Highly detailed and low prim Living room ... Read More »

Grand White Piano Rhapsody – PG – 60 animations

Grand piano Rhapsody is scripted to play songs – 12 classical pieces. To play song It’s easy: touch keyboard to play and stop, the right and the left side of the keyboard is forward and backward (previous and next song). Text in local chat – names of the pieces. This piano is for a couple and offers 60 couple animations. ... Read More »

Grand Sex Piano Rhapsody – 130 animations

Grand piano Rhapsody is scripted to play songs – 12 classical pieces. To play song It’s easy: touch the keyboard to play and stop, the right and left the side of the keyboard is forward and backward (previous and next song). Text in local chat – names of the pieces. This piano is for a couple and offers 130 couple ... Read More »

Camping_Picnic set Sherwood – 110 animations [mesh]

Campfire with log seating, log basket and love tent and picnic table with BBQ, cooler and picnic basket for a romantic night with your partner or hang out with friends. Picnic table for 4 – 27 sit animations. BBQ animation Open/Close cooler, take a beer. Campfire – hold mouse button for menu. Camping logs for 4 – 16 animations. Tent ... Read More »

Sex Bathroom Lord – 140 animations [mesh]

Enjoy the full passion in this elegant wooden bathroom. Bathtub: – 10 single bath animations – 14 bath together couple animations – 20 cuddle animations – 40 sex animations – 1 long scenes with smoothest, most realistic and high-quality animations Shower: – 6 single shower animations – 14 shower together couple animations Sink: – 13 single animations Toilet: – 8 ... Read More »

Sex Conference room Galileo [mesh]

Modern, elegant and detailed conference room for 8. Each chair has 11 female and male desk sit animations. A table has 20 couple chat, cuddle, kiss animations and 52 couple sex on the table animations. Projector screen and telescope are animate. The projector is scripted, touch to turn on. Laptops are multifunctional. The screen works like any web browser (touchscreen) ... Read More »

Living Room Jakarta

 Highly detailed white leather/wood living room set – 100% mesh. Sofa: 30 multiple sitting/relaxing/drinking single animations for 6 persons, easily changed by seating position. 28 cuddle/kiss animations 48 sex animations Pillows: 8 relax/lay animations Pouf: 3 laptop animations Shelf: search for a book animation Laptop: Screen works like any web browser (touchscreen) Keyboard: Send and receive real Email to people outside ... Read More »

Swimming Pool Esther – 185 animations

Elegant, animated and highly detailed swimming pool for 21 people. You can add more seats from the cushion holder. Animations: 20 single pool animations for 5 persons, 8 diving board animations (4 jumps),40 pool cuddle animations, 64 pool sex animations.  Inner tube single – 5 animations, Inner tube for a couple – 8 animations. Around the pool 40 different sit, ... Read More »

Kitchen Maxx – 140 animations [mesh]

Contemporary, elegant, fully operational, functional, highly detailed and animated kitchen. Kitchen has 3 parts and fridge so is easy adjust to your space. Part 1 with sinks has dish wash animations, wash sink, wash hands, make coffee and drink coffee animations,water in tap, light with switch. Fridge has open/close door and drawer. Food menu with 9 snacks and drinks. Part ... Read More »

Dining room Enigma – 135 animations [mesh]

This modern, elegant and functional dining set has a menu-driven food rezzer where you can choose between 8 meals for 4 persons. Each chair has 12 male and female dining conversation animation and drinking and eating animations. The table has a sex menu: 36 cuddle, kiss animations, 20 lap dance animations and 66 sex animations. Touch the plates for food, ... Read More »