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  • Bedroom Utopia

    Bedroom Utopia

    Upholstered bed with a queen headboard makes a stylish focal point for your master bedroom. ➨ Bed Me...

  • Bathroom Essenza

    Bathroom Essenza

    Carefully selected animations are of high quality, smooth in transition, in Avsitter 2 with menu con...

  • Home Theater Noir

    Home Theater Noir

    Full decorated home theater 84 different single sit animations. Each chair has– 14 single anim...

  • Living Room Arcade

    Living Room Arcade

    The complementary colors of orange and gray in vintage style modern retro living room with a home of...

  • Living room Podium

    Living room Podium

    Retro Living room Podium for 11 people. The sofa has 344 animations:126 single animations for 9 sitt...

Sex Office Lex

This office set has 3 sit pose/animations in every chair and desk with sex animations. It also has 12 e-books on the shelf. Just click on the books and you will find books in your inventory. The laptop is multifunctional. If you touch screen you can see your pictures in a slide show. Just drop your picture in the content ... Read More »

Bedroom Black Passion

This bedroom set has a bed with 3 lay poses and 100 sex and cuddle animations. Ottoman has 1 lie, 2 sit, and 18 cuddle poses/animations. Every chair has 3 sit poses. Touch the closet for open/close. Touch the lamps for on/off. Set is modify so you can adjust for your place. Read More »