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Complete Furniture for the whole house Magic Line

This set has furniture for the whole house: living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. All rooms have high-quality animations. Total 510 animations.
All animations are in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and swap functions. No pose balls.
All furniture is 100% mesh and copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original to rezz.

Bathroom Glamour
10 single animations
28 bath together animations – 1 long scene
50 sex animations – 1 long scene
Fill/drain water in a tub, on/off the water in the tap, on/off steam

Each sink has 12 male/female sink animations (5 props)
Turn on/off the water in taps, turn on/off lights in each lamp.
5 wash, masturbate animations
Water on/off in 2 taps.
8 toilet (male, female animations)
Open/close toilet lid.
Flush toilet sound.
11 (male, female) animations.
Prop wine.
Turn on/off candles.

Land Impact: 63

Bedroom Disturbia
– Modern bed – upholstered leather surmounts the headboard and bed frame, 4  cushions, 2 covers.
– Big wardrobe, with glass doors and lights.
– 2 Side tables with table lamps.
– Shelf table with accessories.
– Rug – 6 modern baked textures – texture switcher.

Bed Disturbia offers 166 smooth, exciting, and high-quality animations, including long sex scenes, made from the best SL animators.
Menu drives you from chat, lay, and sleep animations to hard sex animations.
20 single lay, sleep, chat animations
20 cuddle animations
20 kiss animations
32 foreplay animations
64 sex animations
1 long scene

Land Impact: 53

Kitchen Paloma
Fridge animations
Cutting vegetable animation
Cooking animation
Dish wash animation
Sit drink animations
Stand drink animation
Eat on the table animations
Stand eat animation
Stand chat animations
Sit chat animations
Table animations
Stuffed animations
Massage animation
Cuddle animations
Kiss animations
Sex animations

Open/close all upper cabinets doors, fridge door, freeze door, microwave door, bread box door, oven door.
Food and drinks:
Fridge – has a food menu with 9 snacks and drinks.

Placemats – menu-driven food rezzer where you can choose between 11 meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Eggs & sausages
Carrot soup with meatballs
Spring rolls
Shrimp skewer
Chicken drum
Chocolate mousse
All food is 100% mesh, very realistic,

Oven – turkey drumstick with stand eat animation

Tea from teapot
Coffee from a coffee machine
Wine from the wine bottle

Stool bars:
11 sit, chat, drink, eat, stuffed animations in each
Kitchen island:
10 chat, drink, massage, cuddle, kiss couple animations
52 sex animations
Ceiling light above the island
Wall lamp above the sink
Lamp in the hood.

The footprint of the kitchen is 6.9 m x 5 m.
The kitchen is in faux rezzer so is easy to set up.
Land Impact: 118

Living Room Jakarta
Highly detailed white leather/wood living room set.

30 multiple sitting/relaxing/drinking single animations for 6 persons, easily changed by seating position.
28 cuddle/kiss animations
48 sex animations
8 relax/lay animations
3 laptop animations
Search for book animation
The screen works like any web browser (touchscreen)
Keyboard: Send and receive real Emails to people outside of SL. Visitor Tracker – set the range and you receive the full list even if you are offline. Avatar Scanner, Calculator…

Lamp, candles – scripted
Land Impact: 52

Total Land Impact for whole set – 286
You can find and buy any room from this set separately.

See item in Second Life ®

 Bathroom Glamour 
 Bedroom Disturbia 
 Kitchen Paloma  
 Living Room Jakarta 
Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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