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Living room Black Ambient 

Upholstered leather sofa with ottoman, beanbag, side table, and floor lamp, fully decorated. The sofa has:– 30 female/male single animations for 3 sitters– 32 cuddle animations for 1 couple– 56 sex animations for 1 couple The ottoman has 5 male and 5 female animations. Beanbag has 6 male and 6 female animations. Animations are all Bento in AV sitter 2 ... Read More »

Dressing table, Desk, Sideboard Valera

A multifunctional piece of furniture with several functions combined – Sideboard, Dressing table, Desk. Rezz/derezz Sideboard- Commode setup.Rezz/derezz desk accessories.Clean, and open the mirror for the vanity set. 15 Vanity animations (including one scene)11 Desk animations (including one scene)42 sex animations Animations are Bento in Avsitter 2. with adjust functions, automatic attachment props, and menu control (owner, group, all). Stool ... Read More »

Desk IQ

Fully decorated modern desk set – PG and Adult versions. 22 female/male single animations (including 2 scenes)22 couple animations (can be played solo)18 cuddle animations78 sex animations25 propsopen/close the drawer Multifunctional Laptop: screen – web browser, Keyboard – visitor tracker, avatar scanner, send and receive Email (to SL or RL). Animations are all Bento, in Avsitter 2 with adjust and ... Read More »

Conference room Tokyo

Modern, elegant, and highly detailed conference room for 9. Each chair has 22 female and male desk animations.Animations in each chair are chosen to depend on desk accessories for each sitter. Totally 35 different animations. Between 10 – 20 automatically attached props in each chair. The table has 28 cuddle, and 98 sex animations for a couple. The sideboard has ... Read More »

Laptop Rex V3 (visitor tracker, send/receive e-mail, web browser,animated…)

This multifunctional and very realistic laptop has 5 high-quality unisex animations with natural movements and conversational gestures ( see pictures). – The screen works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. You can browse the web every site you want ad watch in full-screen mode. (Instructions are in note card). Support: Viewer 2 (Official Viewer), Kirsten’s Viewer, ... Read More »