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Living Room BG 011

This living room has 20 sit animations, 2 lay animations, and 50 cuddle and sex animations.
This laptop is multifunctional.
If you touch screen you can see your pictures in a slide show. Just drop your picture in the content of the screen.
If you touch keyboard you can send and receive real Email to people outside of SL.
This laptop is also Visitor Tracker: you can look who visited your home. Set the range and you receive full list. The laptop has a calculator, can deliver Sl new or search land and more.
Set is modify so you can adjust for your space.

Set contains:
– Sofa – 8 prims
– 2 Armchairs – 7 prims each
– Coffee table – 5 prims
– Wall art – 4 prims
– Laptop – 5 prims
– 2 Lamps – 6 prims each
– Magazine – 1 prim
– Rug – 1 prim
Total prims: 50
Copy √Modify √Transfer
No Mesh

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