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Kitchen Libra

☛PG – 182 animations, 165 props

☛Adult – 315 animations, 165 props

Fully operational, functional, highly detailed, and animated contemporary kitchen for 7 people.- Countertop – 15 single (for two), 18 couple kitchen animations.
– Kitchen island – 21 single (for two), 28 couple kitchen, 76 cuddle animations, 132 sex animations.

– Chair – 24 animations (female and male).

– Breakfast menu – pancake, croissants, sandwich, souffle, eggs & sausage, spring rolls, pasta, chocolate mousse, coffee, juice.

– Rezz/Derezz kitchen accessories on the kitchen island.

Animations are in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions, support for auto-seat, and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender.
If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission.

The kitchen has two parts – cabinets and an island, plus chairs.

Footprint: 9.70 x 8.45 m

Land Impact: 55, needs plus a maximum of 25 to rezz accessories and props.

All parts are 100% mesh, copy and modify.

  • Land Impact: 55

See item in Second Life ®

PERMISSION: Copy, Modify
Mesh: 100% mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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