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Exercise mat Power

The exercise mat has 162 animations– 50 workout animations (25 female, 25 male)– 48 cuddle animations– 64 Sex animations – Push-ups– Crunch– Dumbbell raise– Jumping jack– Sits Up– Burpee– Stretch– Bicep Curl– Handstand– Backflip– Dive Roll loop– Bent-over… and more Balance ball and Dumbells come with props and can be rezzed for decor. Animations are all Bento in Av sitter …

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Gym Colossus

Gym workout equipment – 5 machines and accompaniments with accessories. ➨ Incline bench press – 11 animations➨ Abdominal bench – 6 animations➨ Stationary bike – 3 animations➨ Boxing bag – 2 animations➨ Treadmill – 5 animations(walk and run), treadmill belt – on/off, run, walk➨ Weights tree Animations are in Av sitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions,If you …

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Gym Extreme – 234 animations

Complete gym workout equipment – 10 machines and accompaniments with accessories. 64 workout animations36 cuddle animations134 gym sex animations All the objects (except the weights tree) have workout animations.4 objects have sex animations – Incline bench press – 12 workout animations, 28 sex animations.– Exercise mat – 18 workout animations, 36 cuddle, 30 foreplay, 36 sex animations– Horizontal bar – …

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Gym Eruption (66 animations)

Complete gym workout equipment – 11 machines and accompaniments with accessories. Animations are in the Av sitter menu with adjusting functions.Take care of your avatar. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS – ANIMATIONS – LAND IMPACT Crunch board  – 3 animations; LI – 3 Multi-purpose incline bench  – 5 animations; LI – 10 Treadmill  – 3 animations; LI – 7 Horizontal …

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Aerobic step Turnup

Aerobic Step Turnup has 15 high-quality animations. The step is copy/modify.Animations are adjustable. Come to try this step in the world.Take care of your avi. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: 8 aerobic step animations2 stretch animations2 crunches animations3 pushup animations TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 1 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mesh: 100% Mesh     USE IT NOW This item requires …

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Yoga Mats White Sunrise

This set comes in a decorative rolled-up mat, a featured flat mat with relaxing yoga animations, and a rolled-up mat with hold animation, ready to wear.The flat mat has 15 long yoga animations that include 35 yoga poses. DhyanaSurya NamaskarJanu SirsasanaUttanasanaNatrajasanaTrikonasanaHalasanaBalasanaSavasanaKonasanaPadmasanaPaschimottanasanaChaturanga Dandasana PristhasanaMayur AsanaDhanurasanaSupta Baddha Konasanaand more beginner poses.Mats are modifying- copy, so it’s easy to change size or texture.  …

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