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Hot tub, Jacuzzi Favola

Two versions of this Hot tub, Jacuzzi Favola, Adult and PG. Hot tub, Jacuzzi Favola – PG – 76 animationsHot tub, Jacuzzi Favola Adult – 148 animations _ Click the button: “See Item in Second Life” for a direct teleport to the demo. Hot tub for 2 couples, or 4 singles. 28 singles animations for four sitters (2 female, 2 …

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Unfurnished Skybox Urbex

Industrial design skybox Urbex. Footprint :Just skybox building – 26 x 15 mSkybox with the environment panel: 26 x 17 m Environment panel:menu:– Access: owner, group, all– Rain, snow, storm– Glow– Clouds: light, medium, strong– Background images – 45 (29 – city; 16 – nature) Land impact:Skybox building -54 -stong LODEnvironment panel -11 An environment panel is a separate object …

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