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Desk IQ

Fully decorated modern desk set – PG and Adult versions. 22 female/male single animations (including 2 scenes)22 couple animations (can be played solo)18 cuddle animations78 sex animations25 propsopen/close the drawer Multifunctional Laptop: screen – web browser, Keyboard – visitor tracker, avatar scanner, send and receive Email (to SL or RL). Animations are all Bento, in Avsitter 2 with adjust and ... Read More »

Office Omega – Adult – 118 animation, 36 props

Fully decorated elegant office – wood, glass, leather – 100% mesh – 118 high-quality animations. Desk chair– 18 desk animations– 7 props Desk– 22 chat, drink, work cuddle couple animations– 60 sex animations– 9 props Bookshelf– 3 animations– 2 props– Open/close the doors – Chairs– 18 animations each– 8 props each Rezz/derezz desk accessories. Multifunctional PC: screen – web browser, ... Read More »

Office Versus – black

Modern, elegant, and fully decorated office Versus – black granite, chrome, glass, leather – 100% mesh – 109 high-quality animations. Desk chair– 14 type, read, write, phone, desk sit female and male animations– 4 props Desk– 26 chat, cuddle, kiss couple animations– 26 foreplay animations– 32 sex animations– Open/close drawers Barcelona chairs– 11 female, male sit animations each Rezz/derezz desk ... Read More »

Computer set – (visitor tracker, send/receive e-mail, web browser…)

PC set great for your store, office, or for your home. Monitor works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. You can browse the web every site you want. Keyboard:– Send and receive real Emails to people outside of SL.– Visitor Tracker: look who visited your home, store, land, or club. Set the range and you receive ... Read More »

Desk sets Mensa – Office

  Two versions od desk sets – left and right. Desk with drawer, desk accessories, and desk chair TV shelf with TV and DVD player 2 Visitor chairs 2 Plants PC multifunctional. The screen works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. You can browse the web every site you want. Keyboard: Send and receive real Email ... Read More »