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Dresser Contact

This modern dresser set includes a sideboard, plant, books, lamp, and a PBR mirror. Please ensure you have a PBR viewer and that the mirror is enabled in the settings.Real-time reflections of your avatar and surroundings, and mirror resolution of 2048 for better results. See and buy items in Second Life ® This item requires you to have access to land in …

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Bedroom Idol

Adult Bedroom – 220 Bento animations – Bed MenuAnimations:– Entertainment – 18– Sleeping – 18 (14 sleep together, 4 single sleep)– Cuddle – 48– Sex – 112 Open/close the drawers. – Beanbag – 10 animations – Mirror – 6 animations All animations are Bento of high quality in Av sitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions, automatic attachments …

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Bathroom Wooden Heart

The elegantly designed bathroom with wooden sinks and a bathtub heart-like shape Opens/closes the drawer. Fill and drain the water in the tub and bidet, and flush the toilet sound.Newest Bento animations in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions automatic attachments props, without a need for any permission request (AVsitter experience must be enabled on your land). …

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Hallway coat hanger Adison

Traditional hallway coat hanger with mirror, drawers, shoes, and storage racks. The mirror is updated to a PBR mirror.Some pictures show a PBR mirror, while others are made before an update. The mirror has 14 couple animations, and 2 can be played solo. Light on/off. See item in Second Life TOTAL LAND IMPACT – 20PERMISSION: Copy, ModifyMesh: 100% meshThis item requires that …

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Hallway set Camela

Modern hallway set with sideboard, coat hanger, umbrella stand, and stool. The mirror is updated to a PBR mirror.The main picture shows a PBR mirror, the rest of the pictures are made before an update. The mirror has 8 animations (single and couple).The stool has 2 sequences. Land Impact:– Sideboard with all accessories, mirror, and lamps – 13– Coat hanger …

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