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Conference room Tokyo

Modern, elegant, and highly detailed conference room for 9. Each chair has 22 female and male desk animations.Animations in each chair are chosen to depend on desk accessories for each sitter. Totally 35 different animations. Between 10 – 20 automatically attached props in each chair. The table has 28 cuddle, and 98 sex animations for a couple. The sideboard has ... Read More »

Meeting room, Living room Aragon

Fully decorated Meeting/Living room, Aragon – 10 seats. Each seat has 16 meeting, waiting, drinking animations.Animations are placed in each seat (what is separate prim) so you can put more or fewer seats,If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. Multifunctional Laptop -: screen – web browser, Keyboard ... Read More »

Sex Conference room Galileo

Modern, elegant, and detailed conference room for 8. Each chair has 11 female and male desk sit animations.A table has 20 couple chat, cuddle, kiss animations, and 52 couple sex on the table animations.The projector screen and telescope are animate. The projector is scripted, touch to turn on.Laptops are multifunctional. The screen works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch ... Read More »