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Living room Black Ambient 

Upholstered leather sofa with ottoman, beanbag, side table, and floor lamp, fully decorated. The sofa has:– 30 female/male single animations for 3 sitters– 32 cuddle animations for 1 couple– 56 sex animations for 1 couple The ottoman has 5 male and 5 female animations. Beanbag has 6 male and 6 female animations. Animations are all Bento in AV sitter 2 …

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Living Room Escape

Two colors of this living set in the package – Beige and Desert. Two versions of this Living Room, P, and Adult.Living Room Escape – Adult – 206 animationsLiving Room Escape PG – 114 animations Living room/ Escape for 11 people – 206 animations, – The sofa has48 single (chat, relax, drink, lay) animations for 8 sitters-In the Adult version …

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Living Room Cordoba – Adult

Contemporary fully decorated living room Cordoba – brown leather, wood – 100% mesh – 123 high-quality animations. Sex sofa– 14 single sit (female and male) animations for 2 sitters.– 20 foreplay animations.– 32 sex animations.Cuddle sofa– 14 single sit (female and male) animations for 2 sitters.– 20 cuddle animations.– 20 kiss animations.Bean bag– 8 single sit (female and male) animations.– …

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Living room set Code

Elegant, highly animated, and detailed, low land impact living room/club set – black leather, glass.Each chair has 11 sit/drink female and male animations.All animations are high quality, in the Av sitter menu with the adjust function. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: Beanbag Coffee table Rug Drinks  TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 17 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mesh: 100% Mesh     USE IT NOW …

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Full Furnished Villa Everest – 1650 animations

Modern big full furnished house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, bar, office, outdoor pool, 4 outdoor sets, billiards, piano, home theater, gym. home control.100% mesh – 100% modifyAll animations are high quality in the Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust and swap functions.Footprint with platform – 44 x 50 mHouse without …

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Furnished House Colossus – 2200 animations

Modern big full furnished house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, billiard, bar, piano home theater, gym. swimming, pool, home control… footprint – 64 x 59 m Fully operational, functional, highly detailed, and animated kitchen with the winery and dining room for 16 people. The kitchen has 4 parts (middle part, left cabinets, right cabinets, kitchen …

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