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Bedroom Idol

Adult Bedroom – 220 Bento animations – Bed MenuAnimations:– Entertainment – 18– Sleeping – 18 (14 sleep together, 4 single sleep)– Cuddle – 48– Sex – 112 Open/close the drawers. – Beanbag – 10 animations – Mirror – 6 animations All animations are Bento of high quality in Av sitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions, automatic attachments …

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Modular Walk-in closet Wardrobe Valhalla

Create your very own dressing room.Immense and well-appointed wardrobe with countless storage spaces full of clothes, shoes, boxes, bags, suitcases, hats, drawers, safe…The wardrobe is created in two distinct areas – one for him and one for her!All clothes are separate pieces, 30 male, and 25 female parts plus 12 extra pieces for the extension and decorative option.The wardrobe has …

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Wardrobe Regina

  Open/close the doors and drawers. All clothes, shoes, bags, etc. are separate prims so can be rearranged, or removed.I put in the package extra female and male clothes and shoes, you can add more or make a male or female wardrobe.Copy, and modify permission. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: Wardrobe Bohemia TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 30 Permissions: …

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