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Piano Valhalla

Grand piano Valhalla is scripted to play 24 songs – 12 classical pieces (Beethoven, Vivaldi, Edvard Grieg…), and 12 modern piano version songs (Adele, U2, Queen, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ed Sheran …) Click the keyboard and the piano for the music menu.– Play/Stop– Next Song– Prev Song– Pick Song– Volume control: On, Off, Min, Low, Medium, High, and Max– Floating text …

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Black Grand Piano Rhapsody

Two versions of this Black Grand Piano Rhapsody, Adult and PG.Black Grand Piano Rhapsody – Adult – 130 animationsBlack Grand Piano Rhapsody – PG – 60 animations Grand piano Rhapsody is scripted to play songs – 12 classical pieces.To play song It’s easy: touch keyboard to play and stop, the right and left the side of the keyboard is forward …

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