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Kitchen Ruby

Fully operational, functional, highly detailed, and animated kitchen with a bar for 6 people. The kitchen has 2 parts (a kitchen with a bar and a kitchen island) with separate animation menus, so you can place it where you want, and adjust it for your place. The kitchen has:– 18 single kitchen animations for 2– 18 bar animations for 2– ... Read More »

Bar Happy Daze

A fully decorated, modern bar for 6 persons. 20 animations in each stool(10 female, 10 male, 25 different animations)20 bartender, drink animations in the bar18 cuddle animations, 42 sex animationsServe drinks (rezz option)Tray with glasses – rotation on/off Animations are in Avsitter 2. with adjusting functions, automatic attachment props. Land Impact – 44Needs 23 Land Impact more to serve drinks. ... Read More »

Home Theater with bar Focus

Full decorated home theater – industrial design. Each chair – 20 animations (F/M)Floor cushions – 8 animations eachEach stool – 14 animationsBar – 15 animations for 3 persons All animations are of high quality in Av sitter 2 with menu control. TV (web browser) can browse the web every site you want ad watch in full-screen mode. It doesn’t need ... Read More »

Billiards room Renton – 204 animations – pool table, bar

Carambola billiards room fully decorated and animated. The pool table has 160 animations:– 22 single animations for 2– 36 cuddle animations– 18 single animations for her (dirty dance, dance pole, masturbation)– 32 foreplay animations– 52 sex animationsMenu control, adjust and swap functions, support for auto-seat, and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender. This billiards is not playable. The bar ... Read More »

Winery Veritas

Complete winery – 100% mesh. Bar table set – each chair – 14 male/female sit, drink, stand, stand-drink animations Barrel table set – each barrel stool – 11 male/female sit, drink, stand-drink animations. Copy, modify permission.Bottles, glasses, food, barrels are separate prims so you can create your own winery.Enjoy wine. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS – LAND ... Read More »

Billiards – Bar room Hazard – 148 animations

Full furnished billiards/bar room – 100% mesh.The bar has 8 bar animations, propsEach stool has 11 bar sit animations, props. Pool table 130 animations, props.14 chat animations22 lap dance animations20 cuddle animations26 foreplay animations48 sex animations These billiards is not playable. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS – LAND IMPACT Bar with stools and drinks – 16 Bar shelf ... Read More »

Complete furniture for the whole house Wooden Line – 726 animations

This set has furniture for the whole house: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. All rooms have high-quality sit and lay animations, sex, and cuddle animations. Total of 726 animations. All furniture is copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rezz. Kitchen Maxx – 100% mesh——————The kitchen ... Read More »

Kitchen Avalon – adult

Turn your fantasies to reality with contemporary, elegant, fully operational, functional, highly detailed and animated kitchen. The kitchen has 3 parts and a fridge so it is easy to adjust to your space.The kitchen has: – 10 single kitchen animations (dish wash, wash sink, make coffee, cook animation, chopping animation, wash hands, chat…), eat and drink animations – 20 cuddle ... Read More »

Furnished House Colossus – 2200 animations

Modern big full furnished house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, billiard, bar, piano home theater, gym. swimming, pool, home control… footprint – 64 x 59 m Fully operational, functional, highly detailed, and animated kitchen with the winery and dining room for 16 people. The kitchen has 4 parts (middle part, left cabinets, right cabinets, kitchen ... Read More »

KItchen and dining room Enigma – 150 animations

Contemporary, elegant, fully operational, functional, highly detailed and animated kitchen with dining room. Kitchen has 3 parts, fridge and dining part separate so is easy to adjust in your space. Part 1 with sinks and bar has dish wash animations.water in tap, light with switch. Every bar chair has 8 sit/eat/drink animations. Touch napkin for cutlery.Part 2 – Kitchen island ... Read More »

Billiard room Madera – 183 animations [mesh]

This highly detailed set with high quality animations can be perfect for your home or club.Pool table has 155 animations:-22 cuddle, 22 lap dance ,-16 foreplay ,-16 missionary ,-22 riding , 16 behind , 22 oral, 22 xxx ,-billiard animations Pool is not playable. Sofa has 12 sit/drink/smoke animations for 2 persons. Bar has 4 bar animations and 10 stool ... Read More »

Kitchen with bar and dining room Bella – 160 animations

Modern, elegant, fully operational, functional and animated kitchen with dining room. Kitchen cabinets are separate from the refrigerator and oven with a closet so is easy to adjust. Kitchen has dish washing animation, cooking animation and stand bar animations. You can take tea from a teapot, toast from the toaster, a plate of drumstick and plate with pie from oven, wine from ... Read More »

Living room – Bar Prestige – 306 animations

This highly detailed set can be perfect for your home or club. The big sofa has 40 sit/relax animations for 10 persons, 30 cuddle, 20 lap dance and 90 adult animations. The pool table has 8 sit, 2 play billiard, and 104 adult/cuddle animations. The pool is not playable. The bar has 5 stand bar animations. Every chair has 7 ... Read More »

Full Furnished House Vincent (1500 animations)

Modern big full furnished house with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, office, kitchen, dining room, billiard, bar, piano, outdoor set, 2 elevators… Footprint 50 x 60 m Furniture – 100% mesh Building – not mesh All animations are high quality, mostly in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and swap functions. Kitchen Maxx Contemporary, elegant, fully operational, functional, highly detailed and ... Read More »

Living room Grand Mirage (205 animations)

Living room Grand Mirage has Billiard with 189 adult and cuddle animations (including 3 some). 2 play animations (touch and wear sue stick). 4 sit/lay animations, Bar has 3 barmen animations. Every chair has 7 sit animations. You can drink cocktails, coffee or soda. You can smoke also. The room has two scripted light: above billiard and in bar shelf. All parts are copy-modify. ... Read More »

Living room with bar Solaris (adult)

Turn your living room into the practical and sensual room. This living room has 32 sit animations for 10 persons, 118 sex/cuddle animations in one cuddle menu and two sex menus. The sofa has 15 different sit animations for 5 persons, cuddle menu and sex menu. Read More »