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Dining Room Trigon

Dinner table with wine cabinet. ☛ Food The table serves, rezz from a menu– 3 types of centerpieces without food,– Dinner for 6, dinner for 3, dinner for 2– Tea/dessert for 6, for 3, for 2– Wine tasting setup. Each dinner plate has a menu-driven food rezzer where can be chosen between 10 meals (soup, mussel, beef, steak, salmon, turkey ... Read More »

Home Theater Noir

Full decorated home theater 84 different single sit animations. Each chair has– 14 single animations– 22 couple animations– 50 sex animations (all BENTO) Each ottoman has 14 single animations. All animations are of high quality in Av sitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions, automatic attachments props, support an auto seat, and pose assignment based on the avatar’s ... Read More »

Living Room Arcade

The complementary colors of orange and gray in vintage style modern retro living room with a home office. The sofa has 84 animations (24 single, 18 couple, 42 sex).The armchair has 52 animations (12 single, 12 couple, 28 sex).The retro chair has 18 single animations including 2 sit scenes (female and male).The desk has 14 single animations.The coffee table has ... Read More »

Hallway set Favola

_ Click the button: “See Item in Second Life” ??? for a direct teleport to the demo. Modern hallway set, industrial design. Sideboard with decor. 2 lamps Wall decor 2 wire chairs One chair has a female and male sit scene, Bento system hands. Another chair has 10 animations (female, male). Animations are in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjust ... Read More »

Outdoor set Antibes

Two versions of this Outdoor set Antibes, Adult and PGOutdoor set Antibes – PG – 85 animationsOutdoor set Antibes – Adult – 135 animations Highly animated and detailed elegant wooden outdoor set. The sofa has 28 single animations (female, male) for 2 sitters. 28 cuddle, and 50 sex animations (adult version). Each armchair has 14 single (female, male) animations. Each ... Read More »

Living room Hypnose

Two versions of this Living room Hypnose, Adult and PG Living room Hypnose – PG – 166 animationsLiving room Hypnose – Adult – 266 animations _ Click the button: “See Item in Second Life” for a direct teleport to the demo. Living room Hypnose for 9 people, The sofa has 132 animations:64 single animations for 6 sitters68 cuddle animations for ... Read More »

Bedroom Regina – 200 animations

Bed Menu:– 18 single animations (female & male) for 2 sitters– 4 couple breakfast animations– 42 cuddle animations– 42 foreplay animations– 72 sex animations The armchair has 12 animations (2 sit sequences – female & male) Pouf has 10 animations All animations are high quality in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjusting and swap functions, automatic attachment props. See item ... Read More »

Meeting room, Living room Aragon

Fully decorated Meeting/Living room, Aragon – 10 seats. Each seat has 16 meeting, waiting, drinking animations.Animations are placed in each seat (what is separate prim) so you can put more or fewer seats,If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. Multifunctional Laptop -: screen – web browser, Keyboard ... Read More »

Fire pit table set Tora

Elegant, highly animated, and detailed outdoor fire pit set – bamboo, granite.Suitable for beach, patio, garden, bistro, cafe. pool etc. Each chair has 12 female, male animations in Avsitter 2 with adjusting and swap functions, support an auto seat and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender. See item in Second Life ®   SET CONTAINS – LAND IMPACT  Chair ... Read More »

Living room – Patio Sigma

Living room/Patio set Sigma for 12 people – 128 animations, 23 props. The big U-Shaped sofa has: 70 single (chat, relax, drink, read) animations for 10 sitters36 couple animation for 2 couples56 sex animations for 2 couples (adult version) Each chair has 11 single animations. All animations are high quality in Av sitter 2 with menu control. All parts are ... Read More »

Office Omega – Adult – 118 animation, 36 props

Fully decorated elegant office – wood, glass, leather – 100% mesh – 118 high-quality animations. Desk chair– 18 desk animations– 7 props Desk– 22 chat, drink, work cuddle couple animations– 60 sex animations– 9 props Bookshelf– 3 animations– 2 props– Open/close the doors – Chairs– 18 animations each– 8 props each Rezz/derezz desk accessories. Multifunctional PC: screen – web browser, ... Read More »

Home Theater Rex [Adult]

This elegant home theater is perfect for your home or business. 102 animations, 14 props The theater has 8 armchair seats, plus a bar table behind theater seats.  The set is a copy, so you can put more seats.Each armchair has 21 watch movies, drink and eats single animations, 20 watch together, cuddle animations, 20 foreplay, and 32 sex animations.Stools ... Read More »

Living Room Cordoba – Adult

Contemporary fully decorated living room Cordoba – brown leather, wood – 100% mesh – 123 high-quality animations. Sex sofa– 14 single sit (female and male) animations for 2 sitters.– 20 foreplay animations.– 32 sex animations.Cuddle sofa– 14 single sit (female and male) animations for 2 sitters.– 20 cuddle animations.– 20 kiss animations.Bean bag– 8 single sit (female and male) animations.– ... Read More »

Bedroom Seduction

Fully decorated bedroom Seduction – 100% mesh The bed has 148 smooth, exciting and high-quality animations, made from the best SL animators. Bed Menu:– 16 single sleep animations – female, male– Couple of breakfast animations– 20 cuddle animations– 20 kiss animations– 14 Dirty dance animations– 32 Foreplay animations– 32 sex animations– 1 sex scene – 5 sequences Each armrest chair ... Read More »

Living room set Code

Elegant, highly animated and detailed, low land impact living room/club set – black leather, glass.Each chair has 11 sit/drink female and male animations.All animations are high quality, in Av sitter menu with adjust function. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: Beanbag Coffee table Rug Drinks  TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 17 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mesh: 100% Mesh     USE IT NOW This item ... Read More »

Bedroom Impulse Plus

Elegant, functional, and fully decorated bedroom – 100% mesh. The bed has 110 animations:14 single animations for 2 persons32 cuddle/kiss animations64 sex animations The armchair has 78 animations:Single animations – 16 – 8 female, 8 maleCuddle animations – 20Sex animations – 42 All animations are in the Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust and swap functions. ... Read More »