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  • Shower Sauna Nero

    Bento spa shower with animations in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions, support…

  • Bathroom Ritz

    The luxurious bathroom with stone sinks, a toilet, and free standing bathtub is granite hand-carved.…

  • Home Theater Odyssey

    Full-decorated home theater – 112 Theater single animations– 28 Couple watch together an…

  • Pool Table Complex

    Classic modern pool table set makes a harmonious balance of old and new and creates an atmosphere of…

  • Dinner Table Harmony

    Bento Dinner Table Harmony – perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any occasion. The table s…

Black White Living Room Noa

This sofa has 50 sex animations and 32 cuddle animations, 23 sit/relax animations for 8 people. Set is modify so you can adjust for your place.

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Living Room Tara

This living room set has 24 sit poses for 9 persons, 2 lay poses and 100 sex and cuddle animations (50 poses). Touch lamp and the light goes on/off or put auto on/off. Set is modify, so you can adjust for your space.

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Kitchen Magma with Sex and Food Animations

Turn your kitchen into a sensual room. This kitchen has sex and food menus. Sex and cuddle menu has 100 animations/50poses. Click on the placemat to open the food menu and you can choose between 9 meals. Chairs have 9 sit animations, include eat animations. Touch the teapot for a cup of tea. The kitchen sink has dish wash animations. …

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Living Room Heraclitus

This living room set has 24 sit poses, 2 lay poses, and 100 sex and cuddle animations. Touch the lamp and light goes on/off. set is modify, so you can adjust for your space.

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Laptop Rex (visitor tracker, send/receive e-mail,web browser…)

This laptop is a multifunctional and very realistic. – Screen works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. You can browse on web every site you want ad watch in full screen mode. (Instructions are in note card). Support: Viewer 2 (Official Viewer), Kirsten’s Viewer, Firestorm Viewer.

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Black Kitchen Trinity – kitchen with dining table

This is smaller, low prim version of kitchen and dining room Trinity. – You can do anything in this kitchen: eat, drink, kiss, make love, cook, dish wash, snack…. – Kitchen: Cook animations and dish wash animation, Open/close fridge and oven doors, Fridge menu – choose animated drink or snack. – Dining set: – Each dining chair has 27 animations …

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