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  • Bathroom Heart 

    Bathroom Heart 

    The elegantly designed bathroom with sinks and bathtub heart-like shape Opens/closes the drawer. Fil...

  • Kitchen Desert

    Kitchen Desert

    Fully operational, functional, highly detailed, and animated kitchen with a bar for 7 people. The ki...

  • Sofa set Ambient

    Sofa set Ambient

    Upholstered leather sofa with ottoman, side table, and floor lamp, fully decorated. The sofa has:...

  • Hallway coat hanger Adison

    Hallway coat hanger Adison

    Traditional hallway coat hanger with mirror, drawers, shoes, and storage racks. The mirror has 14 co...

  • Hallway set Camela

    Hallway set Camela

    Modern hallway set with sideboard, coat hanger, umbrella stand, and stool. The mirror has 8 animatio...

Swimming Pool Santana – 200 animations

Elegant, animated, and highly detailed swimming pool for 19 persons.Footprint – 33 x 22 m Animations:Pool – 50 animations for 4 persons – 32 coupleSofa – 94 animations – 20 single, 32 cuddle, 20 foreplay, 32 sex animationsBarstools – 10 animationsSwimming mattress – 8 animationsLoungers – male and female – 16 animationsRecliner – 10 animationsCushion – 9 animationsAll animations are ... Read More »

Bedroom Seduction

Fully decorated bedroom Seduction – 100% mesh The bed has 148 smooth, exciting and high-quality animations, made from the best SL animators. Bed Menu:– 16 single sleep animations – female, male– Couple of breakfast animations– 20 cuddle animations– 20 kiss animations– 14 Dirty dance animations– 32 Foreplay animations– 32 sex animations– 1 sex scene – 5 sequences Each armrest chair ... Read More »

Vanity Writing set Seduction [Adult]

Vanity writing desk Seduction has 21 solo animations.5 sit animations2 typing animationsreading animationwriting animationphone animation5 vanity animations4 masturbation animationsseduction scene with 2 sequences Multifunctional laptop – web browser, visitor tracker, avatar scanner, Send and receive real Email (to SL or RL), calculator. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS:  Vanity Writing set Seduction TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 24 Permissions: √Copy ... Read More »

Dining table Adonis

Modern and elegant dining set for 6.Texture change: 7 different placements textures. Perfect for a dinner party, a romantic dinner, and more. Touch the table and breakfast, lunch, or dinner is ready.Set has a menu-driven food rezzer where you can choose between 11 meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.Eggs & sausagesPancakesSandwichCarrot soup with meatballsSpring rollsSteakShrimp skewerSalmonChicken drumChocolate mousseCheesecakeAll food is ... Read More »

Outdoor set Uniqua

Texture change: 5 different cushion/tablecloth textures – click “Watch it in action”. Elegant, highly animated, and detailed wooden outdoor set.Suitable for beach, patio, garden, bistro, cafe. pool etc. Each chair has 22 sit, relax, chat, drink animations – 11 female, 11 male. Animations are placed in the chair so the cushion can be removed.All animations are high quality, in Av ... Read More »

Garden set Majestic – Adult

This elegant garden table has 20 cuddle animations and 52 sex animations.Every char has 15 sit/table/drink (female and male) animations.All animations are high quality, in Av sitter menu with menu control and adjust functions. All parts are copy-mod. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS:  Table  Chairs Parasol Table accessories TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 33 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mesh: 100% Mesh     USE ... Read More »

Canopy Bed set Casper – Texture-changeable

Texture change: 10 different bedding textures – click “Watch it in action”. 154 smooth, exciting, and high-quality animations, made from the best SL animators.14 lay, relax animations20 kiss animations20 cuddle animations4 breakfast animations, props32 pleasure animations64 sex animations Animations and textures are in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and swap functions. See item in Second Life ® SET ... Read More »

Outdoor set Everton – 45 animations

Elegant, modern, highly detailed, and animated outdoor set – white leather, chromeSuitable for beach, patio, garden, bistro, cafe. pool etc. Each lounger has 22 lay, drink female and male single animations.Each chair has 16 sit, drink, female, male single animations.The laptop has 3 animations. All animations are high quality, in Av sitter menu with adjust function. Laptops are multifunctional. The ... Read More »

Bathroom Corinne

Turn your fantasies to reality with this elegant fully operational, functional, and animated bathroom. Bathtub: 10 single animations28 bath together animations – 1 long scene50 sex animations – 1 long scene Shower: 36 animations – shower, shower together, cuddle, sex. Sink: Each sink has 15 male/female sink animations (8 props) Toilet: 8 toilet (male, female animations). Table: Prop wine.Turn on/off ... Read More »

Billiards – Bar room Hazard – 148 animations

Full furnished billiards/bar room – 100% mesh.The bar has 8 bar animations, propsEach stool has 11 bar sit animations, props. Pool table 130 animations, props.14 chat animations22 lap dance animations20 cuddle animations26 foreplay animations48 sex animations These billiards is not playable. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS – LAND IMPACT Bar with stools and drinks – 16 Bar shelf ... Read More »

Living room set Code

Elegant, highly animated and detailed, low land impact living room/club set – black leather, glass.Each chair has 11 sit/drink female and male animations.All animations are high quality, in Av sitter menu with adjust function. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: Beanbag Coffee table Rug Drinks  TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 17 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mesh: 100% Mesh     USE IT NOW This item ... Read More »

Massage set Intimo

This low prim, high detailed, realistic animated massage set is the perfect addition to your home, to help you and your special someone relax and get romantic. Table:28 massage animations,20 cuddle animations,14 kiss animations,48 sex animationsAv sitter menu driven (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust and swap functions. Sink 3 animations Some animations come with a rezzing modesty towel. ... Read More »

Dance pole with sex sofa Corona Extra

Make your private shows for your partner or put this set in the club.This set is copyable so you can take the party wherever you want. The dance pole with podium has 17 dance pole high-quality animations (facial expressions), turn on/off light.The sofa has 20 sit animations for 4 persons, 28 cuddle animations, 48 sex animations.All animations are high quality ... Read More »

Outdoor set Cora

Elegant, highly animated and detailed outdoor set – bamboo, rattan, glass.Suitable for beach, patio, garden, bistro, cafe. pool etc. Each chair has 52 animations.32 single – relax sit, chat, drink animation (16 female, 16 male)20 couple – cuddle, kiss animations All animations are high quality, in Av sitter menu with adjust function. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS ... Read More »

Bedroom Impulse Plus

Elegant, functional, and fully decorated bedroom – 100% mesh. The bed has 110 animations:14 single animations for 2 persons32 cuddle/kiss animations64 sex animations The armchair has 78 animations:Single animations – 16 – 8 female, 8 maleCuddle animations – 20Sex animations – 42 All animations are in the Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust and swap functions. ... Read More »

Unfurnished Villa Everest

Modern big unfurnished house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room space, kitchen and dining room space, outdoor pool, 4 loungers, outdoor plants, home control.100% mesh – 100% modify Footprint with platform – 44 x 50 mHouse without platform – 30,5 x 35, 2 m The outdoor pool has 40 jumps, swim, pool, sunbathing single, and cuddle high-quality animations in ... Read More »