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Home Theater Monroe


This modern home theater is perfect for your home. Has 24 different high quality sit animations for 8 persons. Also, menu with 30 cuddle animations and 14 couple sit animations. Modern TV (web browser) support: Viewer 2 (Official Viewer), Kirsten’s Viewer, Firestorm Viewer. You can browse the web every site you want ad watch in full-screen mode. It doesn’t need any note card, share with group or deed. You can open/close tray on blue ray player. Radio shows song and artist in local chat, 40 stations included and you can add more (click on the middle of sofa for menu). Posters have a slide show with 3 posters inside and you can put more. Just drop in content. You can drink wine and beer or eat popcorn and cookies.
– All parts are copy-mod, so make all the changes you like or put more objects and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rez.

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– Sofa – 20 prims
– Table – 7 prims
– Table accessories (glasses, beers, cookies, magazines) – 19 prims
– 4 Speakers – 7 prims eash
– Woofer – 6 prims
– Middle surround speaker – 2 prims
– TV Shelf – 16 prims
– TV – 2 prims
– Blue ray player – 7 prims
– Radio receiver – 5 prims
– 2 Wall lamps – 6 prims each
– 2 Posters – 4 prims each
Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer
Mesh: Partial Mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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