Full Furnished House Scorpion – Luxury villa – 2150 animations


Modern big full furnished house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big office with conference table, kitchen, dining room, dance floor, indoor pool, 2 DJ booths, dance poles, piano, gym, home theater, billiard table, 4 bars, home control, 2 elevators…

Footprint: 44 x 44 m

2150 animations on more than 35 places
All animations are in AVsitter – no pose balls.

_Kitchen & Dining room Signum
– 14 single animations
– 22 couple animations
– 40 props
– Fridge – food menu with 9 animated snacks and drinks.

Open/close fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave doors.

Each cabinet is separate prim so can be replaced.

_ Dining room
The table serves, rezz from a menu breakfast, dinner for 6 people or rezz centerpiece.
Automatic attachment props (drinks and cutlery).
Each plate has a menu-driven food rezzer where can be chosen between 11 meals.

Each chair has 22 male and female drinking, eating and dining conversation animations.

The table has:
28 cuddle animations
38 foreplay animations
36 sex animations

_Living Room Escape

– The sofa has
48 single (chat, relax, drink, lay) animations for 8 sitters
44 cuddle animations for 2 couples.
36 foreplay animations for 2 couples
56 sex animations for 2 couples

– Each chair has 12 single animations.
– Pouffe has 8 animations.

_Billiards room Renton

The pool table has 160 animations:
– 22 single animations for 2
– 36 cuddle animations
– 18 single animations for her (dirty dance, dance pole, masturbation)
– 32 foreplay animations
– 52 sex animations
Menu control, adjust and swap functions, support for auto-seat and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender.

Bar has 26 animations
– 12 single animations for 3
– 14 cuddle animations

Mini bar has 8 animations for 2
Each stool has 10 animations

_Grand piano Rhapsody
Grand piano is scripted to play songs – 12 classical pieces.
To play song It’s easy: touch the keyboard to play and stop, the right and left the side of the keyboard is forward and backward (previous and next song).
Text in local chat – names of the pieces.

This piano is for a couple and offers 130 couple animations. 11 of these can be played solo.

– 20 play, listen, chat animations
– 20 cuddle animations
– 20 kiss animations
– 70 sex animations

_The office with a conference table and meeting sofas have 2 desks, conference and promotion set, laptops, tablet, cellphone, drawers, and other accessories…
Each desk chair has 11 female and male desk sit animations.

Conference table has 12 couple chat, 32 cuddle animations 36 foreplay, and 36 sex animations
Chairs have 10 female and male animations.

Each seat in the sofas has 16 meeting, waiting, drinking animations.

_ Home theater has 5 seats and floor cushions.
Each chair – 20 animations (F/M)
Floor cushions – 8 animations

TV (web browser) can browse the web every site you want ad watch in full-screen mode. It doesn’t need any note card, share with group or deed.

_ Gym Eruption
Crunch board, Treadmill, Multipurpose incline bench, Horizontal bar, Dumbbells platform, Exercise bike, Weight tree, Punching ball, Exercise Mat.

_ Bedroom Insomnia
Industrial style bedroom with living space has 172 animations.

_ Modern bedroom Arcadia with living space.
Bed – 158 animations, 15 animations in each Egg Chair.

_ Pallet bedroom Karma with living space
162 animations in the bed, 14 in each Lounge Pillow.

_ Bedroom set Bohemia with living space – 168 animations

_ Bathroom Hera
Bathroom with double sink, double slipper pedestal bathtub, shower, toilet, bidet, bathroom racks has 167 animations, 2 long scenes.

_ Bathroom Corinne
155 animations – bathtub, shower, double sink, toilet, bidet

_ The last floor is a club with indoor pool.
the pool is for 10 people. The pool has 12 poolside animations for 6 people. Two inner tubes – 10 animations each. Two swimming beds – 8 animations each.

Dance ball has a menu with 27 dances.

Two bars. two DJ booths – animated..

Dance pole with podium has 17 dance pole high-quality animations (facial expressions), turn on/off light.
Two sofas -each – 20 sit animations for 4 persons, 28 cuddle animation, 48 sex animations.

Home control: lock/unlock the door, tinted all windows and doors, radio, lights control, home security.

All parts are copy-mod. House is in rezz box

I can not describe this house you have come to see

See item in Second Life ®


– Full Furnished house Scorpion
Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer
Mesh: Partial Mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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