Full Furnished House Vincent (1500 animations)

Modern big full furnished house with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, office, kitchen, dining room, billiard, bar, piano, outdoor set, 2 elevators…

Footprint 50 x 60 m

Furniture – 100% mesh
Building – not mesh

All animations are high quality, mostly in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and swap functions.

Kitchen Maxx
Contemporary, elegant, fully operational, functional, highly detailed and animated kitchen.
Kitchen has 3 parts and fridge so is easy adjust to your space.
Part 1
Sinks – dish wash animations, wash sink, wash hands,
Coffee machine – make coffee and drink coffee animations.
Oven – turkey drumstick with stand eat animation.
Water in the tap.
Light with switch.
Fridge has open/close door and drawer. Food menu with 9 snacks and drinks
Part 2
Cook animation
chopping , blending animations.
Pan with steam and waterboiling sound on/off.
Light with switch.
Part 3
Table has food menu.
Touch the placemats for the menu ( food rezzing system) and you can choose between 6 meals for the breakfast.
Every stool has 10 sit on the table, eat, drink animations
Kitchen has relax, cuddle, sex menu in the ottoman.
16 relax animations for 2 persons, 32 cuddle and 64 sex animations.

Dining set Marlow
Set has a menu driven food rezzer where you can choose between 8 meals for six persons.
Each chair has 12 male and female dining conversation animation and drinking and eating animations.
Table has sex menu: 36 cuddle, kiss animations, 20 lap dance animations and 72 sex animations.

Living room Cordoba
Fully decorated living room – brown leather, wood – 100% mesh – 123 high quality animations.
Sex sofa
– 14 single sit (female and male) animations for 2 sitters.
– 20 foreplay animations.
– 32 sex animations.
Cuddle sofa
– 14 single sit (female and male) animations for 2 sitters.
– 20 cuddle animations.
– 20 kiss animations.
Bean bag
– 8 single sit (female and male) animations.
– 8 couple sit animations.

Billiards/bar room Hazard
Bar has 8 bar animations, props
Each stool has 11 bar sit animations, props.
Pool table 130 animations, props.
14 chat animations
22 lap dance animations
20 cuddle animations
26 foreplay animations
48 sex animations
Billiards is not playable.

Piano Vincent
Grand piano Vincent is scripted to play songs – 12 classical pieces.
To play song It’s easy: touch the keyboard to play and stop , the right and left side of the keyboard is forward and backward (previous and next song).
Text in local chat – names of the pieces.
Piano is for couple and offers 130 couple animations. 11 of these can be played solo.
– 20 play, listen, duet, chat animations
– 20 cuddle animations
– 20 kiss animations
– 70 sex animations
Ottoman has 8 sit/relax animations.

Sofa Decameron has 12 sit/relax animations and 86 sex/cuddle animations.

Office Versus
Modern and elegant office Versus – brown granite, copper, glass, leather – 109 high quality animations.
Desk chair
– 14 type, read, write, phone, desk sit female and male animations
– 4 props
– 26 chat, cuddle, kiss couple animations
– 26 foreplay animations
– 32 sex animations
– Open/close drawers
Barcelona chairs
– 11 female, male sit animations each
Multifunctional laptop – web browser, visitor tracker, avatar scanner, Send and receive real Email (to SL or RL), calculator.

Bedroom Euphoria
136 high quality animations.
16 lay/ relax/drink coffee/phone animations
20 cuddle animations
20 kiss animations
80 sex animations
Media player has 40 radio stations (you can add more) and shows song and artist in local chat. Menu control.
You can open/close all closet doors and drawers.

Bedroom Sebastian
Bed has 172 original, new and high quality sex, cuddle and dance animations. 10 sleep/relax animations and 3 sit on the floor animations.
Sofa has 36 cuddle animations and 10 sit animations.
Pouf has 8 sit animations

Bathroom Lord
Enjoy the full passion in this elegant wooden bathroom.
– 10 single bath animations
– 14 bath together couple animations
– 20 cuddle animations
– 40 sex animations
– 1 long scenes with smoothest, most realistic and high quality animations
– 6 single shower animations
– 14 shower together couple animations
– 13 single animations
– 8 animations

Outdoor set Cora:
Bamboo, rattan, glass.
Each chair has 52 animations.
32 single – relax sit, chat, drink animation (16 female, 16 male)
20 couple – cuddle, kiss animations

All parts are copy-mod. House is in Rez-Faux rezzer.
Land Impact: 891

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Full Furnished House Vincent
Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer
Mesh: Partial Mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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