Full Furnished house Triton Exclusive – Luxury villa – 2055 animations

☛ Triton house is no longer in the world.
☛ The price is reduced by 50 %

Modern big fully furnished house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office, conference room, kitchen, dining room, fireplace, massage table, home theater, billiard, bar, piano, treadmills, the club with dance floor, 2 DJ booths, dance poles…

footprint – 64 x 74 x 22 m

House control:
– Security
– Doors – lock/unlock, auto on/auto off
– Lights – 65 colors (click watch it in action)
– Fans
– Fireplace
– Radio

– Bedroom windows are not in the home control system. Tinted windows and blinds work manual, on the touch.

– 1550 sex and cuddle animations

– Everything in the kitchen is useful. 86 sex, cuddle, lap dance animations
– 10 sit animations in each dining chair (two for eat).
– 2 Bar animations.
– The stove has a cook animation.
– The chopping board has chopping vegetable animation.
– Sink has dish wash animation.
– Touch the fridge and you will get a menu with 12 meals and drinks with animations.
– Plates have a food menu ( food rezzing system), touch plates and you can choose between 8 meals.

Modern and elegant dining set for 8, low land impact, highly detailed.
The set has a menu-driven food rezzer where you can choose between 11 meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

– Living space

– The big sofa has 122 animations: 24 props 66 single watch movie, chat, drink, eat a snack, relax animations for 6 persons, and 56 couple animations for 2 couples.

TV (web browser) can browse every site you want ad watch in full-screen mode. It doesn’t need any note card, share with a group or deed. Instruction is inside the TV.

TV rack with TV, surround speakers, amplifier, headphones, DVD, CD, remote control, and game station.

– Grand piano is scripted to play songs – 12 classical pieces. To play a song: touch the keyboard to play and stop, the right and the left side of the keyboard is forward and backward.

This piano is for a couple and offers 130 couple animations. 11 of these can be played solo.

– 20 play, listen, chat animations
– 20 cuddle animations
– 20 kiss animations
– 70 sex animations

– Big office set with a desk, conference, and promotion set can be turned into a sensual room with 121 animations.
Each chair has 11 female and male desks, typing, phone, feet up, drink, relax, and sit animations.
The table has 20 couple animations (chat, drink, cuddle, kiss) and 40 sex animations.

TV, laptops, and tablet screens work like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. You can browse every website.
Laptop keyboard: Send and receive real Emails to people outside of SL. Visitor Tracker: look who visited your home, store, land, or club. Set the range and you receive the full list even if you are offline.

– Billiard room has a billiard table with 155 cuddle, lapdance, foreplay, and sex animations.
2 play animations (touch and wear sue stick).
4 sit/lay animations,
The bar has 4 bar animations and 10 stool sit/drink animations.

Home theater with 7 leather chairs. Every seat has 11 high-quality sit/watch movie/drink single animations and 14 couple animations.
A screen projector is a web browser. You watch the movies in full-screen mode.
The film projector is multi-scripted. Film reels are rolling. Lens has a light beam. Click the button in the front of the projector for the beam

– Big bathroom with bathtub, shower, massage table…
Bathtub:10 single bath animations, 14 bath together couple animations, 20 cuddle animations, 40 sex animations, 1 long scene with smoothest, most realistic, and high-quality animations
Shower: 6 single shower animations, 14 shower together couple animations

Massage table
20 massage animations,
14 cuddle animations, 14 kiss animations, and 32 sex animations.

– Smaller bathroom:
– Bathtub – 3 single bathe animations, 14 bathes together, 20 cuddle/kiss animations, 40 sex animations.
– Sink – 15 animations.

– Three bedrooms with sex/cuddle/lap dance/dance pole menus.

– Treadmill, Exercise bike, yoga mat

– Club on the third floor has 2 DJ booths with DJ animations, 2 Laptops with animated equalizers, gramophones with animated records, mixers, headsets, microphones, guitar.

The dance floor has a menu with 25 dance animations, neon effects, 4 spotlights, 4 speakers

Dance poles with podium have 17 dances. Sofas around poles have 76 sex animations each.

All parts are copy-mod. House is in Rez-Faux rezzer.
I can not describe this house you have come to see.

– Full Furnished house Triton Exclusive
Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer
Mesh: Partial Mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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