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Reception desk Horizon

Unique modern design reception desk with accessories.

The desk chair has 12 desk animations (6 female, 6 male)
The desk has 22 reception animations (11 different) for 2 clients (1 female, 1 male).

Animations are in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions.
Automatically attach props to your avatar, without asking permission, support an auto seat, and pose assignment based on the avatar’s shape gender.

A desktop computer is multifunctional.

– Screens work like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. You can browse the web every site you want ad watch in full-screen mode.

– Send and receive real Emails to people outside of SL.
– Visitor Tracker: look who visited your home, store, land, or club. Set the range and you receive the full list even if you are offline. (You will get mail about this.)
– Avatar Scanner
– Calculator

The clock shows SL time. It is a separate object, can be replaced for the logo.

The service bell makes a ding-dong sound on touch.

The telephone makes a ringing sound on touch.

All parts (accessories) are separate prims (copy, modify) so can be replaced or removed.

The desk itself has land impact 3.
Desk chair land impact 2.

☛ The right version of this desk can be purchased in the world – Direct TP 

See item in Second Life ®

TOTAL LAND IMPACT with all accessories22
PERMISSION: Copy, Modify
Mesh: 100% mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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