Grand Piano Octaves

Two versions of this Grand Piano Octaves, Adult and PG

Grand Piano Octaves – PG – 24 songs, 60 animations
Grand Piano Octaves – Adult – 24 songs, 144 animations

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Glass piano Octaves is scripted to play 24 songs – 12 classical pieces (Beethoven, Vivaldi, Edvard Grieg…), and 12 modern piano version songs (Adele, U2, Queen, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ed Sheran …)

Click the keyboard and the piano for the music menu.
– Play/Stop
– Next Song
– Prev Song
– Pick Song
– Volume control: On, Off, Min, Low, Medium, High, and Max
– Floating text On / No Text
– Access control for Owner, Group, or All

This piano is for a single pianist or for a couple.

– 14 play, listen to piano couple animations, all can be played solo.
– 46 cuddle animations – 12 piano bench animations, 12 stand animations, 22 on the piano animations.
– 42 sex animations (14 piano bench, 14 stand, 14 on the piano animations) in Adult version.

All animations are in Av sitter 2, with adjusting and swap functions, support an auto seat and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender.

Open/Close the lid.

On/Off the light.

Land impact for the whole set – 10

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Mesh: 100% mesh

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.  


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