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Living room Paradigm

Upholstered leather sofa with coffee table, armchair, side table, 2 poufs, TV console, and floor lamp, fully decorated. The sofa has:– 50 single (female and male) animations for 5 sitters– 56 cuddle animations for 2 couples– 64 sex animations for 2 couples The armchair has:– 6 single animations (female and male) The Pouf has:– Female and male sit scenes TV …

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Outdoor set Lido

Adult Outdoor set – 160 Bento animations Elegant outdoor sofa set with fire pit table. Animations:➨ Sofa– 58 single animations (female/male) for 5 sitters– 42 cuddle animations for 2 sitters– 58 sex animations for 2 sitters➨ Ottoman– 10 single (female/male) animations each Animations are all Bento in Avsitter 2 with adjusting and swapping functions.If you have the AVsitter experience enabled …

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Living room Black Ambient 

Upholstered leather sofa with ottoman, beanbag, side table, and floor lamp, fully decorated. The sofa has:– 30 female/male single animations for 3 sitters– 32 cuddle animations for 1 couple– 56 sex animations for 1 couple The ottoman has 5 male and 5 female animations. Beanbag has 6 male and 6 female animations. Animations are all Bento in AV sitter 2 …

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