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Shower Sauna Nero

Bento spa shower with animations in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions, support an auto seat, and pose assignment based on the avatar’s shape gender. Hot and cold water in two shower heads.The middle shower head has just cold water.Water splashing on the floor.Sauna control – steam.Lights. – 12 single shower animations for two persons– 12 shower …

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Sauna Saloma

Two versions of this Sauna Saloma- 6 sitters, Adult and PG. Sauna Saloma – a perfect place to relax with your friends. This PG has 24 single sauna animations for 6 sitters, and 24 couple animations for 2 sitters.In the adult version, the sauna has 24 single sauna animations for 6 sitters, 24 couple and 42 sex animations for 2 …

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Sauna Savana

Sauna Savana – perfect place to relax with your friends or lover. Sauna has 16 single sauna animations for 4 persons.  20 Cuddle animations, 40 Sex animations. All animations are high quality in the Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu control, adjust, and swap functions. The sauna contains a bench, a Storage bench with slippers, a Bucket with …

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