Tuesday , 26 March 2019

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Complete furniture for the whole house Modern Wooden Line – 800 animations

This set has furniture for whole house: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. All rooms have high quality sit and lay animations, sex and cuddle animations.Total 800 animations. Bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are 100% mesh. All furniture are copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rezz. – ... Read More »

Bathroom Taboo – 145 animations

Enjoy using this fully operational, functional and animated 100 % mesh bathroom with high quality textures and carefully selected animations. Bathtub has 4 single bath animations and 126 couple animations: 22 cuddle, 20 lap dance and 84 sex animations.Every sink has 5 animations: wash hands, wash face, brush teeth, 2 poses. Toilet has 5 animations: pissing, masturbation. Bench has 5 ... Read More »

Dining room Anastasia – 155 animations

The dining table has sex menu with 140 animations: 30 cuddle animations, 20 lap dance animations, 90 sex animations. The table has also a food menu ( food rezzing system), Touch plates and you can choose between 8 meals. Touch napkins for fork, knife, and spoon. Touch the glasses for a glass of wine.  Every chair has 10 table/eat animations. ... Read More »

Kitchen and dining room Anastasia – 195 animations

Turn your fantasies to reality with fully operational, functional and animated kitchen. You can do anything in this kitchen: eat, drink, kiss, cook, dish wash, snack, lap dance, cuddle, make love…. Kitchen cabinets have 2 parts, fridge, closet and oven separate so you can adjust easily for your space. Kitchen has 6 cuddle animations, 14 sex animations dishwashing animation, chopping animations, cooking ... Read More »

Sex Kitchen Time Beige Wood

Turn your kitchen into a sensual room. This kitchen set has 50 sex and cuddle animations. Every sit has 7 sit animations, Dish wash animations in the sink.  Touch the tap for on/off the water.  You can open the fridge and choose between 10 meal and drinks with eat/drink animations. (vodka, cookie, coca-cola, bloody marry, beer, coffee, martini, milk, popcorn,taco). Just ... Read More »