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Billiards room Renton – 204 animations – pool table, bar

Carambola billiards room fully decorated and animated. The pool table has 160 animations:– 22 single animations for 2– 36 cuddle animations– 18 single animations for her (dirty dance, dance pole, masturbation)– 32 foreplay animations– 52 sex animationsMenu control, adjust and swap functions, support for auto-seat, and pose assignment based on avatar’s shape gender. This billiards is not playable. The bar ... Read More »

Full Furnished House Scorpion – Luxury villa – 2150 animations

  Modern big full furnished house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big office with conference table, kitchen, dining room, dance floor, indoor pool, 2 DJ booths, dance poles, piano, gym, home theater, billiard table, 4 bars, home control, 2 elevators… Footprint: 44 x 44 m 2150 animations on more than 35 places All animations are in AVsitter – no pose ... Read More »