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Outdoor pool with bar Grand Mirage Advantage – 166 animations

Big modern highly animated and detailed outdoor swimming pool with bar and waterfalls with sound control, This pool with accessories is for 18 persons. Footprint – 45 x 25 m This pool can be on the ground, has extra stairs or put a hole in the ground, as it is a below ground pool. Animations: Pool – 130 animations – ... Read More »

Full Furnished House Grand Mirage Advantage – 1265 animations

Elegant full furnished and decorated house with large swimming pool, outdoor bar, office, lobby, kitchen with dining room, living room with piano, billiard room with bar, bathroom, bedroom, home theater… Footprint 62,5 x 62,5 m – You can do anything in this house: eat, drink, bath, shower, kiss, make love, cook, dish wash, play piano, sunbathe, watch TV, send emails, ... Read More »

Loungers Grand Mirage

This set has loungers with 4 different relax animations (2 animations each). All parts are copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rez. Low prim.   SET CONTAINS: – 2 Loungers – 5 prims each – Sunshade – 2 prims TOTAL PRIMS: 12 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mash: No Mesh Price: L$ 115 ... Read More »

Pool Table with Bar Grand Mirage (205 animations)

Living room Grand Mirage has Billiard with 189 adult and cuddle animations (including 3 some). 2 play animations (touch and wear sue stick). 4 sit/lay animations, Bar has 3 barmen animations. Every chair has 7 sit animations. You can drink cocktails, coffee or soda. You can smoke also. Room has two scripted light: above billiard and in bar shelf. All parts are copy-mod, so make ... Read More »

Sex Bathroom with Jacuzzi Grand Mirage (235 animations)

You can do anything in this bathroom: bath, shower, massage, wash hands or face, fit your hair, kiss, make love, brush teeth, relax, use toilet….. This modern bathroom has 192 sex/cuddle animations, 18 massage animations. – The hot tub has 156 sex/cuddle animations and 8 relax animations for 4 people. You can turn on/off water and steam, light also. – ... Read More »

Sex Billiard – Sex Pool Table Mirage (195 animations)

Billiard mirage has 189 sex and cuddle animations (including 3some). 2 play animations (touch and wear sue stick). 4 sit/lay animations. Scripted lights. All parts are copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original copy to rez. This billiard is not playable, has sex, cuddle, play, sit and lay animations.   SET ... Read More »

Bathroom/Jacuzzi Mirage (130 animations)

You can enjoy the full passion of over 130 romantic and adult animations with three separate menus. Jacuzzi had 8 relax animations for 4 persons an 50 unique adult animations. Massage table has 3 lay animations, meditate animation and 18 massage animations. Sofa has 9 sit animations and 36 high quality cuddle animations. Sink has wash hands, wash face animations. ... Read More »