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Bedroom Karma – 156 animations

Pallet bedroom Karma – 100% mesh. Bed Menu: – 22 single animations – Couple breakfast animations – 28 cuddle animations – 14 dirty dance animations – 28 foreplay animations – 60 sex animations – 20 props All animations are carefully selected and realistic in Avsitter 2 with menu control, adjust and swap functions, support for an auto seat and pose ... Read More »

Billiards – Bar room Hazard – 148 animations – Adult

Full furnished billiards/bar room – 100% mesh. Bar has 8 bar animations, props Each stool has 11 bar sit animations, props. Pool table 130 animations, props. 14 chat animations 22 lap dance animations 20 cuddle animations 26 foreplay animations 48 sex animations This billiards is not playable. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: Bar with stools and drinks ... Read More »

Outdoor set Cora

Elegant, highly animated and detailed outdoor set – bamboo, rattan, glass. Suitable for beach, patio, garden, bistro, cafe. pool etc. Each chair has 52 animations. 32 single – relax sit, chat, drink animation (16 female, 16 male) 20 couple – cuddle, kiss animations All animations are high quality, in Av sitter menu with adjust function. See item in Second Life ... Read More »

Bedroom Castor – Adult – 150 animations

Bedroom Castor includes: Sex bed 2 Night tables with book 2 Lamps Vase Wireless phone 2 Frames Cactus Rug The bed has 148 smooth, exciting and high-quality animations, made from the best SL animators. 10 sleep animations 20 cuddle animations 20 kiss animations 96 sex animations (32 foreplay) All animations are in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and ... Read More »

Desk set Rex

Desk with chair, iMac, iPhone and lamp. Monitor works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. You can browse on web every site you want. Keyboard: – Send and receive real Email to people outside of SL. – Visitor Tracker: look who visited your home, store, land or club. Set the range and you receive full list ... Read More »

Bathroom Glamour – 136 animations

Turn your fantasies to reality with this elegant fully operational, functional and animated bathroom. Bathtub: 10 single animations 28 bath together animations – 1 long scene 50 sex animations – 1 long scene Fill/drain water in tub, on/off water in tap, on/off steam Sink: Each sink has 12 male/female sink animations (5 props} Turn on/off water in taps, turn on/off ... Read More »