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Outdoor Swimming Pool Montana – 380 animations

Elegant, highly animated and detailed swimming pool for 36 persons. Footprint – 24 x 27 m Animations: Pool – 56 animations for 4 persons – 28 couple for 2 couples. Jacuzzi – 110 animations for 4 persons – 28 single foe 4 sitters, Couple (1 couple) – 28 cuddle, 24 foreplay, 30 sex animations. Shower – 16 animations – 8 ... Read More »

Jacuzzi, Bathroom Maxima

Enjoy the full passion in this elegant bathroom with steamy jacuzzi. The hot tub has 9 single bath animations for 3 persons, 2 long scenes (one cuddle, one sex) with smoothest, most realistic and high-quality animations.46 sex animations. Menu for fill/drain water, on/off the water in tap and shower, on/off steam. The sink has 5 animations ( brush teeth, shaving ... Read More »

Jacuzzi, Hot Tub Fusion (250 animations)

Updated – September 2016. Please, disregard reviews about animations written before that date. All animations are newest and of high quality, smooth in transition, in Avsitter 2 with av select, menu control, adjust and swap functions (in couples animations), automatic attachments props, without needing for any permission request. 49 single relax drink animations for 7 sitters 24 cuddle animations 26 ... Read More »

Hot tub – Jacuzzi Serenity

You can enjoy the full passion in this hot tub of over 189 romantic and sex animations. Jacuzzi has also 9 relax/bath animations for 4 persons. You can on/off water and steam and lamps and candles. Modern TV (web browser) support: Viewer 2 (Official Viewer), Kirsten’s Viewer, Firestorm Viewer. You can browse the web every site you want ad watch ... Read More »

Sex Bathroom with Jacuzzi Grand Mirage (235 animations)

You can do anything in this bathroom: bath, shower, massage, wash hands or face, fit your hair, kiss, make love, brush teeth, relax, use toilet….. This modern bathroom has 192 sex/cuddle animations, 18 massage animations. – The hot tub has 156 sex/cuddle animations and 8 relax animations for 4 people. You can turn on/off water and steam, light also. – ... Read More »

Bathroom/Jacuzzi Mirage (130 animations)

You can enjoy the full passion of over 130 romantic and adult animations with three separate menus. Jacuzzi had 8 relax animations for 4 persons an 50 unique adult animations. Massage table has 3 lay animations, meditate animation and 18 massage animations. Sofa has 9 sit animations and 36 high quality cuddle animations. Sink has wash hands, wash face animations. ... Read More »