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Full Furnished House Scorpion – Luxury villa – 2150 animations

  Modern big full furnished house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big office with conference table, kitchen, dining room, dance floor, indoor pool, 2 DJ booths, dance poles, piano, gym, home theater, billiard table, 4 bars, home control, 2 elevators… Footprint: 44 x 44 m 2150 animations on more than 35 places All animations are in AVsitter – no pose ... Read More »

Conference room Mensa – conference table, office – Adult – 126 animations

  Modern, elegant and detailed conference room for 8. Each chair has 10 female and male animations. The table has 12 couple chat, 32 cuddle animations 36 foreplay, and 36 sex animations. Laptops are multifunctional. Screen works like any web browser (touchscreen) – launch your chosen website. Keyboard: Send and receive real Email to people outside of SL. Visitor Tracker: ... Read More »

Full Furnished House Vincent (1500 animations)

Modern big full furnished house with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, office, kitchen, dining room, billiard, bar, piano, outdoor set, 2 elevators… Footprint 50 x 60 m Furniture – 100% mesh Building – not mesh All animations are high quality, mostly in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and swap functions. Kitchen Maxx Contemporary, elegant, fully operational, functional, highly detailed and ... Read More »

Full Furnished house Triton Exclusive – Luxury villa – 2055 animations

Modern big full furnished house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office, conference room, kitchen, dining room, fireplace, massage table, home theater, billiard, bar, piano, treadmills, the club with dance floor, 2 DJ booths, dance poles…. footprint – 64 x 74 x 22 m House control: – Security – Doors – lock/unlock, auto on/auto off – Lights – 65 colors (click ... Read More »

Full Furnished House Big Berg (1675 animations)

Modern full furnished house with pool, fireplace, dance floor, sliding doors, spiral stairs, plants… footprint – 33,5 x 44 m, height =22 m – You can do anything in this house: eat, drink, bath, shower, kiss, make love, exercise, dance, drive, cook, dish wash, play piano, sunbathe, watch TV, wash hands or face,send emails, snack….. – 700 sex and cuddle ... Read More »

Outdoor set Solaris (sex/cuddle animations)

This outdoor set has sofa and stool with 18 different sit animations for 6 persons, cuddle menu with 32 animations and sex menu with 36 sex animations. All parts are copy-mod, so make any the changes. Low prims   SET CONTAINS: – Sofa – 19 prims – Stool – 4 prims – Coffee table – 3 prims – Sunshade – ... Read More »

Living room Solaris (adult)

This living room has a sofa with 15 different sit animations for 5 persons, cuddle menu with 32 animations and sex menu with 36 sex animations. The chair has 5, the stool has 3 sit animations. Set has two scripted lamps. All parts are copy-mod, so make any the changes. Low prims. Read More »

Living room with bar Solaris (adult)

Turn your living room into the practical and sensual room. This living room has 32 sit animations for 10 persons, 118 sex/cuddle animations in one cuddle menu and two sex menus. The sofa has 15 different sit animations for 5 persons, cuddle menu and sex menu. Read More »

Living Room Illusion (sex/cuddle animations)

This living room has 18 sit/lay animations for 6 persons, 32 unique cuddle animations and 36 sex animations (no one freebie). Light is scripted also. For cuddle animations touch back of sofa, for sex animations click on the floor near sofa. Set is modify so you can adjust for your space. Low prims Read More »

White Living Room S (sex and cuddle sofas)

This living room has sofa with 50 sex animations, 8 different sit animations and 3 lay animations. Smaller sofa has 36 cuddle animations, 8 different sit animations. This laptop is a multifunctional. If you touch screen you can see your pictures in slide show. Just drop your picture in content of screen. If you touch keyborad you can send and ... Read More »