Tuesday , 26 March 2019

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Sex Bathroom Black Star

This bathroom has 50 sex and cuddle animations. Sink has wash hands and wash face animations. Mirror has 2 animations also. Bathtub has shower and bath animations. Toilet has animations, You can open/close shower cabin and toilet. Touch the taps and shower for on/off water. Stool has 6 sit positions. Light is scripted. Bathroom is copy/modify and linked. Read More »

Kitchen Black Valentine (sex animations)

  Turn your kitchen into sensual room. This kitchen set has 50 sex/cuddle animations, dish wash animation. Every chair has 3 sit positions. Touch the tap for on/off water. Touch teapot for a cup of tea. Kitchen has light above stove and chandelier. Just touch for turn on/off or put auto on/off. Read More »

Black Sex Kitchen Berg

Turn your kitchen into a sensual room. This kitchen has 50 new unique sex and cuddle animations. Every chair has 6 sit pose.Touch chair for change pose. Sink has dish wash animations. Touch the tap for on/off the water. Light is scripted, touch any light or above stove for on/off. You can open fridge and microwave. Set is modify so ... Read More »

Bedroom Black Passion

  This bedroom set has bed with 3 lay poses and 100 sex and cuddle animations. Ottoman has 1 lie, 2 sit and 18 cuddle poses/animations. Every chair has 3 sit poses. Touch the closet for open/close. Touch the lamps for on/off. Set is modify so you can adjust for your place. Low prims. Read More »