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Living room set Code

Elegant, highly animated and detailed, low land impact living room/club set – black leather, glass. Each chair has 11 sit/drink female and male animations. All animations are high quality, in Av sitter menu with adjust function. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: Beanbag – LI – 2 Coffee table – LI – 1 Rug – LI – 1 ... Read More »

Bedroom Impulse Plus – 188 animations

Elegant, functional and fully decorated bedroom – 100% mesh. Bed has 110 high quality animations: 14 single animations for 2 persons 32 cuddle/kiss animations 64 sex animations Armchair has 78 animations: Single animations – 16 – 8 female, 8 male Cuddle animations – 20 Sex animations – 42 All animations are in Av sitter menu (no pose balls) with menu ... Read More »

Gym Eruption (65 animations)

Complete gym workout equipment – 11 machines and accompaniments with accessories. Animations are in Av sitter menu with adjust functions. Take care of your avatar. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: Crunch board – 3 animations; LI – 3 Multi purpose incline bench – 5 animations; LI – 10 Treadmill – 3 animations; LI – 7 Horizontal bar – 3 animations; ... Read More »

Complete Furniture for the whole house Magic Line

This set has furniture for whole house: living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. All rooms have high quality animations.Total 510 animations. All animations are in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and swap functions. No pose balls. All furniture is 100% mesh and copy-mod, so make all the changes you like and take copies, plus always have the original ... Read More »

Bedroom Castor – Adult – 150 animations

Bedroom Castor includes: Sex bed 2 Night tables with book 2 Lamps Vase Wireless phone 2 Frames Cactus Rug The bed has 148 smooth, exciting and high-quality animations, made from the best SL animators. 10 sleep animations 20 cuddle animations 20 kiss animations 96 sex animations (32 foreplay) All animations are in Av sitter menu with menu control, adjust and ... Read More »

Aerobic step Turnup

Aerobic step Turnup has 15 high quality animations. Step is copy/modify. Animations are adjustable. Come to try this step in the world. Take a care about your avi. See item in Second Life ® SET CONTAINS: 8 aerobic step animations 2 stretch animations 2 crunches animations 3 pushup animations TOTAL LAND IMPACT: 1 Permissions: √Copy √Modify Transfer Mesh: 100% Mesh Price: L$ ... Read More »

Full Furnished House Scorpion – Luxury villa – 2150 animations

  Modern big full furnished house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big office with conference table, kitchen, dining room, dance floor, indoor pool, 2 DJ booths, dance poles, piano, gym, home theater, billiard table, 4 bars, home control, 2 elevators… Footprint: 44 x 44 m 2150 animations on more than 35 places All animations are in AVsitter – no pose ... Read More »

Dining set Trinity – 160 animations

Modern and elegant dining set 100 % mesh, low land impact. Set has a menu driven food rezzer where you can choose between 11 meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eggs & sausages Pancakes Sandwich Carrot soup with meatballs Spring rolls Steak Shrimp skewer Salmon Chicken drum Chocolate mousse Cheesecake All food is 100% mesh, very realistic, Touch the plates ... Read More »