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Kitchen & Dining room White Vista

Fully operational, functional, highly detailed, and animated retro kitchen with the winery and dining room for 16 people.

The kitchen has 4 parts (middle part, left cabinets, right cabinets, kitchen island) with separate animations menus, so you can place where you want, adjust for your place.

The kitchen has:
– 40 single kitchen animations
– 10 animated props from the fridge
– 76 couple kitchen animations (most of them can be played solo)
– 28 cuddle animations
– 70 sex animations
– 20 animations in each stool

– Breakfast menu – pancake, croissants, sandwich, souffle, eggs & sausage, spring rolls, pasta, chocolate mousse, coffee, juice.

Open/close the fridge, oven, and microwave.
2 burners in the cooktop.

Dinner table:

– Food

The table serves, rezz from a menu
– 3 types of centerpieces
– Dinner for 6, dinner for 2
– Coffee/dessert for 6, for 2

Each dinner plate from the menu for 6 has a menu-driven food rezzer where can be chosen between 11 meals

Each dinner plate from the menu for 2 has a menu-driven food rezzer that can be chosen between 10 meals.
(soup, mussel, beef, steak, salmon, turkey drumsticks, shrimp skewer, spring rolls, sushi, pasta).

Each dessert plate has a menu-driven food rezzer where can choose between 10 meals
(profiterole, roll cake, jam toast, donuts, souffle, croissants, cookies, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, pancakes).

Some food, Wine, and tea come as props.

– Animations

Each chair has 32 female and male animations.

The table has:
– 14 drink, eat, smoke chat female and male animations
– 42 cuddle animations
– 112 sex animations

Animations are in Avsitter 2. with adjusting functions, support for an auto seat, and pose assignment based on an avatar’s shape gender, automatic attachment props, and menu control (owner, group, all).

Land Impact:

Kitchen with all accessories – 122
Table with the sideboard and accessories – 38
Needs between 8 and 50 land impacts more for rezzing the food or centerpiece.

All parts are copy-modify.

See item in Second Life ®

Needs between 8 and 50 more for rezzing the food or centerpiece.
PERMISSION: Copy, Modify
Mesh: 100% mesh
This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.
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